Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Win Gift Hampers: MABH and Aloe Veda Special Giveaway

Hello girls and guys! Hope you're doing fine. I came with an exciting announcement today! It's Giveaway time now! Say yay please!!!! I am announcing a very special giveaway where you can win 2 gift hampers full of natural cosmetics. :) This can also be said as a Mega giveaway as you are not just going to get a single product, the winners will be getting the whole basket of course! This is a 2 winner giveaway and this will be running on our blog for next ten days. Cheer up! Know more, Enter and win these goodies. The goodies are from ALOE VEDA, a growing natural  cosmetic brand. They are so kind to sponsor this giveaway for our readers and a great thanks to them. I highly recommend their products and please do check out their site and products here. Shall we know some more about Aloe Veda? Read Below.

About Aloe Veda

Aloe Veda is a premium range of personal care products inspired by Aloe Vera and Ayurveda. It has a suite of outstanding products that blend together the goodness of the wonder plant Aloe Vera, the secrets of the ancient science of Ayurveda, Healing Natural Herbs and Essential Oils blended with cosmetic grade natural and man-made carriers in a functional form for daily use products such as Bathing Bars, Shampoos, Hair Conditioners, Hand Washes, Face Washes, Body Washes, Moisturizing Creams, Aloe Vera Skin Gels, Hair Oils, Body Butters, Sunscreens and Hand & Body Lotions.
Each product is highly functional and a combination of art, nature and technology brought together to give you an unique and next generation wellness experience. Aloe Veda is brought to you by Aloe Veda Personal Care, a Chennai-based wellness company.

Each Gift Hamper will be containing items such as..
Aromatherapy Soap
Butter Soap
Mild Shampoo
Wild Lily Conditioner
Herbal Hair Oil
Face Wash
Shower Gel
Lip Butter
After Bath Oil and etc

Isn't that really interesting??? Who wouldn't love to grab those goodies? You may be one of the lucky winner, so do enter the giveaway and ask your friends to enter. Don't miss this golden opportunity! Its super duper easy to give in your entries in minutes.

Simple Steps To Enter

1. Like the Facebook Fan Pages of Aloe Veda and Makeup and Beauty Home.

2. Join our blog through Google Friend Connect (Click the Join this Site button on the Right Side Bar)

3. Post this message on your Facebook wall (Remember, both pages should be tagged properly for a valid entry)
 "Enter the @Aloe Veda and @Makeup and Beauty Home 's  Special Giveaway Contest to win exciting Gift Hampers"

3. Visit Aloe Veda's Online Shopping Site here , register with your mail id and find 3 Products having CHOCOLATE as an ingredient :) You can also tell us few lines on what you like about ALOE VEDA after checking their site.

That's all! Nothing hard right?! Follow these four steps, Fill up the form and submit it on the comment section below.

Giveaway Entry Format

Email Id:
GFC Name:
Facebook Name:
Facebook Wall Post Link:
Answer to the Question:                                                                                                                                                                                        

**Giveaway Open to all Indian Residents**
Give in your entry now and you might be one of the lucky winners! The contest will be ending on April 8th and the winners will be announced here on our blog. A notification mail will be sent to your email address in case you win, so keeping checking your mail box.

Feel free to ask us your doubts if you have some, about entering this giveaway.

So, What are the waiting for? Enter now and win the  exciting Aloe Veda Hampers! All the best to everyone.

With Love