Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Tips Beauty Skin Care, Beauty Expert Recommendations

Facial beauty are closely related to the premises, so that almost everyone is very concerned about skin care, especially women.
Care tips the face below is a way in eliminating and preventing problems that may occur on the face such as oily skin dry, dull, acne, and other black spots. Famous beauty experts in the world have set out how it should treat the face as reported by the Women Health Magazine. Here are 5 tips beauty skin care, beauty expert recommendations

1. Use of Organic and Mineral Cosmetics
Now a lot of cosmetic products available that bahnnya use natural ingredients and is very good for skin health. Examples are organic based cosmetics and mineral. Especially if your face is very sensitive and acne, you should immediately switch to a natural type of cosmetic product like that.

2. Anti Aging Cream
Tip number two is not about if you are a woman under age 30 do not require anti-aging cream. Even the "woman's age 20 who already need a cream like this," says Francesca Fusco, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. Even Francesca advised to use anti aging creams that contain retinoids, which are rich in vitamin A to prevent skin damage from the sun. In addition, retinoid was also quick to update the dead skin. Besides retinoids work to increase the production of collagen which can prevent the onset of wrinkles on the face.

3. Skin exfoliation
Did you know that ingredients such as alkhohol, spicy foods, and exposure to sunlight can trigger rosacea or in everyday language memerahnya day facial skin. Because by eating healthy foods and using sunblock, skin problems can be prevented. Then how to treat facial rosacea is exposed, his tips are obtained blogbintang use a facial cleanser that is able to perform delicate peeling of the skin and peeling on the clinical care of a trusted beauty

4. Face cleanser
According to Daniel B. Yarosh, Ph.D., author of The New Science of Perfect Skin, to clean your face turns out we do not need to buy a wide range of cosmetics at a price that is very expensive to drain the pouch. Tips to take care of cleansing is to start with a clean face with cleansing milk (cleansing miles) and toner. Then, wash your face with special soap facial cleanser and rinse with water. These steps are useful to keep the face clean of dust and oil.

5. Lipsalve
Recent research conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that only about 47% of respondents who use a lip moisturizer in their daily lives to care for the face. Given the fact that the skin on the lips is thin and sensitive skin, so it needs extra protection. His tips is, do not forget to apply lip balm containing UV protection (SPF) so your lips do not dry the skin, protected from the sun and stay healthy.

That variety tips of facial beauty care  from some expert advice. If appropriate to your interests, it never hurts to try, I hope your face is always maintained her beauty.