Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Dispel the Anxiety in the Mind

One major cause of happiness seemed distant, was often experience anxiety, whether caused by anything. Usually the anxiety caused by fear or guilt, as humans, is natural to feel scared. But, do not let feelings of fear or anxiety that interfere with life. Moreover, the anxiety that often arise even when no obvious cause, usually because the imaginary mind of its own.

People who have this disorder are anxious about the various issues as well, including things that are outside their control, such as politics or war situation in the region.
Which can overcome the anxiety is actually ourselves. If you do not understand how to dispel the anxiety in the mind, here are some suggestions from experts that may help

Research shows most people spend 5 percent of their morning, meaning about 48 minutes, to be anxious about something. Common source of anxiety is work, family, relationships with others, financial, or health.

1. Change a habit
For some people, anxiety can become a habit that may arise due to be learned from parents. Because of this, first you must realize that you are an anxious person and open to change behavior. Take a look at your habits and start to change.

2. Use logic
When you begin to feel anxious about something, remind yourself to be the facts and the fact that anxiety and not proven. If you already make the anxiety circuits in the brain, it needs to do is make the system more rational the other circuits.

2 Note the diet
Sometimes little things can cause anxiety, such as hunger or certain foods. Most people who suffer from anxiety, caused by magnesium deficiency. Reducing caffeinated drinks and alcohol also help reduce anxiety.

3. Do not forget to breathe
Exercise is very important. When you are filled with anxiety, yoga or tai chi exercise helps calm the mind and help you cultivate breath.

5. Live for today
Train of consciousness is a technique that will help you to live in the moment. Eliminate excessive fears of the past and future.

Let's try to dispel the anxiety in the mind, feelings of happiness easily arises when the anxiety is gone from mind. There is no point in constantly worried, because you can be happier without anxiety in the mind or heart.