Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet The Bloggers: Sukanya of a Few Unnecessary Things

Welcome back to yet another episode of Meet The Bloggers :) By the time you guys start reading this I shall be on my way to Bangalore, literally! The moment this post goes on air, I shall be in air too but worry not, the moment I am on land I shall again be connected with you guys :)

Today on ISLM, I am featuring Sukanya of A Few Unnecessary Things. We recently became close friends when she would ping me on g-talk and we would chat about things as mundane as "sucky" internet connection to technical issues in blogger :P But what I really like about her (apart from her luscious mane of hair) is her straight forwardness and her ability to talk to you as if you were her best friend :) Its so endearing that you cannot but help yourself from liking her instantly...

Come lets get to know her a bit more :)

Full Name Please: Dr. Sukanya Banerjee
Since How Long Have You Been Blogging: effectively since December 2011
A pic of you in Make-up: 
Blogs you enjoy reading: Mehak's Peaches and Blush(her reviews and write up) ,Cynthia's Indian Vanity Case (her reviews),you'rs ISLM and Neeraj's Beauty traveler( for awesome tutorials) and Poohkie's place( for her detailed reviews from affordable brands)
What does make-up mean to you: Other than boosting up your confidence , Makeup is that art which not only enhances your natural beauty but can totally change the way you look ! Even the very humble kajal can make a huge difference !

Prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss: Lipstick as of now
Kajal or Eye Liner: Kajal.
Black Smoky eyes and Nude Lips or Nude eyes and Red Lips:Soft smokey eyes and peachy coral lips actually.But if I have to choose between this two,will opt for Nude eyes n red lips. 
Pink Nail Polish or Black Nail Polish:Pink.hands down

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Lipsticks: Colorbar
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Shadows: Maybelline,Inglot
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Liners: Lakme liquid liners,Faces for pencils
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Blushes: NYX for cream blushes, Colorbar for powders
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Foundations: Haven't tried much of them.I love tinted moisturizers more.
( PS- am a MAC virgin,so don't spank me on excluding it ! )

Now Some Deep Questions :)

What mistake do you notice people most often make in make-up: In an Attempt to be fair they put on lods of foundation and powders,not to mention in a shade which is way lighter. 

Top 5 Make-up Myths according to you:
  • Going for lighter shade of foundation/compacts would make you look fair( u look like ghost actually)
  • Brown n Pinks flatter of Indian skin tones ( They make you look old n made up respectively)
  • You need not to wear sunscreen when at home( r u freakin kiddin me? )
  • Makeup can cover up my horrible skin n turn me into some exotic creature ! (ahem! n turn you into some ghastly creature)
  • Girls more into skin care n beauty are of Zero merit (*grins* )
Top 5 tricks or tips you have learn't over the time:
  • Use n eye shadow base always.The color literally pops up n stays longer
  • Avoid brown in your lips..they make you look 20yrs older,Try shades of coral instead,they look better 
  • Setting the kohl with some translucent powder prevents it from smudging
  • Always remove your makeup when you come back from home.ALWAYS
  • Every skin tone n type is different. A lipstick may be a rage among all,but it may not actually suit you! (Maybelline my mahogany n colorbar bare didn't look good on me at all)
A Make-Up Must Have that every Indian Beauty must have in his/her vanity/purse: 
  •  Facial wipes,
  • lip balm,
  • kohl/kajal