Friday, April 13, 2012

Types of Exercise That Easy Burns Fat

Overweight becomes a serious problem in sebaian people. The ideal body is a major factor's attractiveness. Because being overweight, pushing more and more people have many options to exercise. Anyone would know that olaharaga is a great way to weight loss. So many kinds of sports to choose from, from gym to gym in the room on the field. Sometimes, exercise habits is a tough activity, so people choose certain types of exercise as weight loss program.
Well maybe you want to know the types of exercise that easy burns fat, there are 5 exercise presented can burn fat for weight loss programs.

1. Exercise in water
Calories burned per half hour: 180-200 *.
Exercise in water is usually done by people who had injuries caused by high impact exercises. They can run on a treadmill under water, or a bicep curl, leg, and abdomen. This movement is burning fewer calories than normal during exercise, but many people are so able to work out longer. Water pressure does help the circulation of blood so the heart does not have to work too hard.

2. Yoga
Calories burned per half-hour: 200 *.
Yoga classes are offered more and more, from which the well-known to the gym in the shop on the estate. In America, more than four million people are practicing yoga. Sports are rooted in the philosophy of ancient India is to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. Movement is done with slow (although some are dynamic), with a focus to train a deep breath. These poses can be adapted according to the fitness level of the culprit. When you have mastered, you are able to move form the postures or poses that must be held for 20 minutes. At that time, the benefits are increased. Some doctors recommend practicing yoga in a small class because certain positions can cause injury if not done correctly.

3. Tai-chi
Calories burned per half hour: 125-150 *.
Tai-chi is often regarded as a sports parent, because the movement is slow. Though the movement of ancient China is rooted in the martial arts. Thighs and hips are most strongly associated with the movement, as in high-impact aerobic exercise, but without jumping. Its function is to improve strength, balance, concentration, and flexibility, combined with mental discipline and physical movement. When done properly, tai-chi can also increase your heart rate up to a maximum of 60 percent, so it is considered as moderate exercise.

4. Ballet
Calories burned per half hour: 150-180 *.
Lithe and graceful dance that is a good way to train the stretch and strengthen muscles that are rarely used, as well as improve flexibility and coordination. As a bonus, your posture will improve. Because a lot of ballet movements, like the first position (standing up straight with the heel of the foot together, toes point outward, arms bent to the front of the body), it forces you to align the body.

5. Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA)
Calories burned per half hour: 150-300. *
This workout combines dance, ballet, tai-chi, yoga, and martial arts. You have to do without shoes to follow and imitate dance music. One practice session is bound to make you sweat, but not out of breath. This practice, unfortunately, the new popular in America where there are only 200 to 250 instructors across the country.

Of the various options, lots of people who now choose the type of exercise that are classified as tai-chi and yoga. This easy exercise that can improve the impression of health without the risk of injury and pain.
Choose 1 or 2 types of exercise, but routinely done is the best way to weight loss and maintain your health and fitness
The most fun, the sport that still makes you sweat flooding can help reduce weight if done regularly.