Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mini Dress Haul and Upcoming Reviews: April 2012

Hello buddies! Hope you're doing fine. Today, I am going to share with you the pictures of my mini dress haul and some upcoming reviews. Yesterday was a good-bad day for me. The good was, I got some lovely clothes for dirt cheap price and the bad was, I got fainted in the shop and fell down. I have been feeling weak for past one week due to this weather change and went for shopping yesterday. I don't know whether I got suffocated or felt weak, it caused dizziness. Then I was made to have some juice and returned home safely. So, yesterday I had a good-bad experience with some lovely snaps of animals I happened to meet in street. The one was a fat lab dog which played with me for few minutes, I don't mind playing with dogs even my parents shout at me that it is a strange and ugly behavior in road :p The another cutie was a full black kitten, sitting calming on the side of the street. It was so cute but seemed weak :( I had nothing to feed him/her that time, so left that place. I would somehow find him/her and take to blue cross next time when I go there. Okay, let me show your the haul now. Please don't raise your eyebrows for the low clarity pics :( I have no digi cam right now. All were taken with my BB curve mobile.

This is a gray full hand casual top with pink prints on it. I loved this top very much and sure it's going to save my arms from summer tanning. As it is light weighted, no fear of excess sweating too. You would be surprised to check all the prizes. I got everything for a dirt cheap rate in a wholesale shop from M.C Road in Chennai.

Price: 150 INR

A pink short hand top, which suits best for a morning jog or my warm up.

Price: 130 INR
A full hand cotton top with pale green stripes
Price: 200 INR

A milky green short sleeve printed top..
Price: 130 INR

A casual round neck purple top..
Price: 170 INR

Cute Lab Dog :) Played with him for few seconds. So Friendly

Cute Kitty but sick :( Have to take him/her to hospital next time I go there
Sorry for the clarity but these casual outfits are really good and made of soft cotton.. Okay let us move to the products to be reviewed.

Deborah Milano Makeup Cosmetics
Previously I have reviewed some products from Deborah Milano here and this is the next set to be reviewed.
  1. Ombretto Trio Hi-Tech Wet & Dry Super Perlato Eyeshadow (Peach Passion)
  2. Rossetto 24 Ore Power Extreme Long Lasting Lipstick (Shade 07)
  3. Metallic Eyeliner (Purple Shade with Purple and Pink Shimmers)
Deborah Milano Eyeshadow, Lipstick and Metallic Eyeliner

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Extreme Long Lasting Lipstick Shade 07

Liked the products? I personally like the cute eyeshadow palette and the Shade of the Lipstick. The next set is from The Nature's Brilliance by Sue. I received them 2 weeks back and testing them one by one. 

The Nature's Brilliance by Sue Cosmetics
  1. Blue Ocean Eye Pigment
  2. Pure Coral Blush
  3. Sienna Vitamin E Lip Balm
  4. Merlot Vitamin E Lip Balm
  5. Blue Topaz and Mint Shimmer Sample Eye Colors

The Nature's Brilliance by Sue Goodies

Blush and Eye Pigments
I loved the shade of Blue ocean eye pigment very much. It is super soft and glittery. Which is your favorite one from above?

So, that's it. These are the products to be reviewed here soon and I finished the post at last. Let me know which I want to review first, so that I can line it up.

Let me know how you feel about this haul and new products! Waiting to hear :)

P.S: Cosmetic Products sent by PR for consideration. The outfits were purchased with my own money