Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Rant: My GOA Trip :D

PIC HEAVY (Warning)

Hello everyone :) As you all know I had taken a little hiatus from blogging and was MIA as I was busy getting tanned and drunk in Go-Goa :D Here are some of my pics and well a couple OOTDs and LOTDs and even HOTDs (Hair of the Day)... Hope you guys like it :D

We stayed at a cute "vintagey" hotel called Hotel Seagull near the Calangute beach, partied at Mambo's and on Anjuna, did water sports at Calangute Beach and spent a lazy afternoon on Baaga... In all it was a great weekend and well lots of money well spent ;) The only stumbling block was the 9 hours bus journey from Pune to Mapusa through the western ghats and back... I have severe motion sickness and well bus journey through ghats is something I seriously dislike! :P

The result all this is an NC48 skin, super hungover Monday coupled with major bouts of vomiting due to motion sickness and lots of cuts, nicks and bruises all over the legs and back due to the beach sand... But all in all well worth the effort ;) I am sure the pics will tell u why :P

A Girl needs a break from her heels after a good dance ;)

Happy Couple :)

Tequila Shots! Yeah Baby!

Fresh Orange Juice... Perfect Remedy for a Hangover!
Yes! This is where we stayed :D

Yes! I am flaunting my legs!

And My back!
Shopping and Nariyal Paani :)

This is how terrible Cosmo Looks ON me!

Samander Mein Nahake...
My Snake "print" glares from ALdo :)