Thursday, April 12, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Chocomania Body Lotion

Diamonds they say are a girl's best friend. Makeup comes a close second, followed by chocolates and then flowers... At least that's what works for me :P And TBS kinda struck gold with the launch of their Chocomania range just around Valentine's Day this year. Skin and body care with a dark chocolate flavor and well women around the world just went berserk ;)

I finally got myself the Chocomania body lotion (I had been meaning to get it since a long time) and well the rest as they say is just history :) It's a yummy creamy chocolatey body lotion which comes in this pump bottle that can be twisted to open or close and hence it makes it super convenient to even carry it in your bag! What genius!

The chocolatey flavour is not of shea butter or even cocoa butter... It is super different. Rather than reminding me of Bournville or Dairy Milk, it reminds me of KitKat! Why? Because after you take in the chocolatey aroma, you are left with a "biscuity after aroma". Hope that makes sense to you! Flavor wise I love it!

Does it moisturise well? Hmmm. It does its job if not more and the results are satisfactory. I do tend to sometimes reach out to my Garnier Body Cocoon :(

The product has just one con... And for me it is a MAJOR con! It tastes bitter! LOL no I do not eat my body lotions. When I say bitter, I mean if I apply it on my arms and hands and then I apply a lip balm with my fingers, the bitterness of the lotion transfers to my lips! If I have the lotion on, on my hands and I say eating a biscuit or an orange or a chapati, my mouth tastes bitter and no the bitterness isn't subtle it is BITTER! And I hate it for that. Am not sure if this bitterness issue is with all chocomania products, but the body lotion sure seems to have it! :(
The "pati" hates the bitter taste too and I am saying no more than that :P

Image of the Product:

Ooohhs And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. The chocolatey fragrance is yummy.
2. Satisfactorily moisturising.
3. Love the way you can close the pump of the bottle :)
4. Affordable as compared to other TBS products

1. Super hate the bitter taste :(

It costs INR 595/-

Sorry, no ways!

Would I Recommend?
There is nothing extra-ordinary about the product. And add to that a bitter taste... No I do not recommend it to anyone!

Overall Rating: