Thursday, April 12, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Satsuma Shimmer

It is very rare that I get to see my name (Suma) at places other than my notebooks and my cube and so wherever else I see it I get excited! :P One instance was when I joined my latest company. My company's this building shares the building space with two other companies. So the parking lot is divided into three lots with parking space color coded. So every parking level has these index signs where each company has been matched to a specific color. Imagine my surprise when I am looking for a parking space on my first day at work and the board reads a third company called "Suma Shilp"! LOL...

Another instance that seems more relevant to the topic at hand was when I went shopping for my sister's birthday to The Body Shop. Now these TBS people are really smart... After you select these exorbitantly priced stuff and are then standing at the counter waiting to pay your bill, they tempt you with this whole glass jar of tiny dibbis of lip butters and balms and other paraphernalia. The glass jar sits there ubiquitously, so much so that we never realise that we invariably get tempted and pick up at least one little "dibbi", thinking "I have already bought stuff worth 3K, I might as well spend another 200 bucks... Big Deal!"... Raise hands if this happens with you as well :P

So the other day I am waiting to be "billed" when I see this little orange dibbi of lip balm sitting defenselessly in the glass jar and I instantly zero over the word "Suma" on it :D hahahahahha... Yup it was Satsuma and it excited me so much that I had to buy it!

I brought the little wonder home with me and I realised it smelled of freshly squeezed orange juice and had these tiny little shimmer particles in it. I fell in love the second time ;)

Image of the Product:

Lip Swatch
Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Soothing flavour.
2. No tatste
3. Tiny but non-chunky shimmer
4. Super Moisturising
5. Looks great when applied as is or on a matte lippy :)
6. Does not leave a greasy heaviness on the lips
7. Doesn't gather at the corner of the mouth like how some lip balms do! They totally gross me out :(
8. Easy to carry around.

1. My only gripe with this is I dont like dipping my finger in the pot and scooping the contents out. I would love it in a stick form.

It costs INR 205/-

If I get it int he stick form, I'll buy that else this :)

Would I Recommend?
Definitely! If dipping your finger into the pot isn't a problem for you then you must definitely get it!

Overall Rating: