Monday, April 9, 2012

Rose Inspired Beauty Products from Iraya

Regarded as the Queen of flowers, not only for there  beauty,but also with a variety of distinctive features. Containing astringent, refreshing and gentle aromatic properties, they can help to soothe and heal, which explains their continued use in beauty products and their constant, timeless allure.Roses are a beauty classic & Spring's rose inspired beauty treats are not just for creating a romantic setting, they are fresh, inviting must-haves which will see you through the new season ahead. It is the time to discover the latest array of rose products. Thankfully, this year’s rose inspired goodies are not just for creating a romantic setting and amazing smelling skin. They are in fact fresh, modern, inviting must-haves this summer  

Rose Face Tonic 150 ml 395 
Purifies, rejuvenates and tones skin
For all skin types • rose water, manjistha, aloevera, indian rose 

Tea Rose Face Milk 150 ml 395
Replenishes nutrients, moisturizes & protects the skin.
For all skin types • rose water, honey, aloe, basil, rose oil 

Indian Rose Body Milk 250 ml 495
Heals, moisturizes & protects the skin
For all skin types • rose water, aloe, jasmine, patchouli 

Rose Milk Bath 150 gm 445 Luxurious bath treat. 
Tones, rejuvenates and cleanses toxins
For all skin types • whole milk powder, Epsom salts, rose petals

Enjoy the refreshing rose products from Iraya this summer!
Which is your favorite among these?