Thursday, April 26, 2012

The color of nail and girls

A girl or woman can show off all that she prefers to remain silent.Not knowing it.Psychologists believe that the color of paint, which uses women more often than others in their nails, can tell a lot about her character.Is this true? Let's check.

The black color on their nails prefer to see a very important power-hungry person, knowing what they want out of life.
They are not afraid of difficulties and always ready for them, because everyone always calculate in advance.
These women is difficult to be surprised, they are more envious than friends.

White chooses a girl, confident, conservative and stubborn.
With their point of view, it is from her, and never gives up until the last defends his position on any occasion.
However, stylists warn that the white nails will look truly beautiful only in conjunction with a tan.

Red - the color of emotion and unbridled passion.
Women who prefer to paint this color, it is impossible not to notice the crowd.
Bright and romantic person, love for whom the main and the only value in life.
These girls are happy and want everyone to know about it.
Red looks good on the hands and feet simultaneously.

Bright pink - girl chic, sexy and bold.
She likes the attention, it tends to be outrageous.
But if you paint your nails on the hands in hot pink, for toenails, choose a quiet shades: light pink or beige.

Light pink always makes nails look well-groomed and accuracy.
Color is not flashy and attracts the eyes of everyone, so it is preferred by ladies who devote all the time his career.
It is well suited to business suits and evening dresses.
Luck for all occasions.
Coral prefer calmer colors of nature, lovers of summer recreation and sports.
He looks good with light summer sundresses and suits all shades of tan.

Blue. Philosophical, peaceful, quiet women prefer it to him.
The color of cold restraint hides a strong and resolute character inner feminine fragility and vulnerability.
Such natures are revealed only in the range of their loved ones.

Blue nails are choosing young girls, and those for whom old age and youth - this is just a state of mind, but no it does not figure in the passport.
Blue fingernails tell the world about what you're young, happy and want to try something new.

Violet prefer strict office workers and bohemian personality.
Dark shades of purple suit for evening events, and light - for the day.
Yellow paint is ready to put on your nails a girl who has an unusual sense of style, she listens to Tchaikovsky and Shakespeare quotes in a leather black leather jackets, riding a sportbike.
So, if you ever wanted to try this image to themselves - think of a yellow varnish.

Golden ladies wear, combining incongruous and able to accurately indicate the "fashionable" others mistake.
Gold nails, you can add all black outfit with gold jewelry or jeans with a bright T-shirt and gold sandals.
Well, find out yourself?