Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Birthday Celebrations!

This past week has been a little hectic and as a result, I've been missing from the YouTube and blogging scene! Just when I was getting up to scratch with my daily posts and weekly videos. BUT! I do have a perfectly reasonable (in my opinion) excuse. So here we go, my week in a nutshell.

The weekend mainly consisted of pre-birthday celebrations with family and friends. On Saturday evening we went to an amazing Thai restaurant in Leeds called Chaophraya. The food is absolutely spectacular and the restaurant has lovely views when the sun is setting! We had a few cocktails in the bar before heading over to our table (which my Dad decided to cover in birthday confetti!). We ordered way too much food from one of the set menus and ended up having a bit of a banquet! Thai food is my absolute favourite though so it wasn't a problem trying to finish it all!

Just looking at that photo makes my mouth water, yumm! After food I was surprised with a birthday sing-song from the staff! They all danced over with their musical instruments and sang happy birthday! It was rather embarrassing but good fun none the less! To end the night we walked up to Bar & Grill for birthday cocktails! Being at another one of my favourite venues in Leeds really topped the evening off and a great night was had by all!

Sunday was a day for recovering sore heads and nibbling on bacon sandwiches but when Monday came around it was time for my birthday! Yay! Finally out of the teenaged years and in to the twenties! I spent the day opening presents and cards and pampering my self for the evening's events! Another meal out in Leeds at Bar & Grill and I chose the Thai Green Curry (surprise surprise!) and the staff even lit a candle for my birthday desert! A little more low-key that Saturday's orchestral celebration at Chaophraya!

 I had such a lovely birthday and received some gorgeous and surprising gifts! Let me know if you would like me to film a birthday haul on my YouTube channel? I wasn't sure at first as I didn't want it to seem like I was bragging but I know people will be curious. I will share my main present now though as I am just to excited!! I finally got an SLR camera! It's the Nikon D3100 to be exact and I just cannot wait to use it. My bedtime reading recently has been its huge manual and I've researched all over the web on how best to use it, what other lenses I made need etc. It's a bit of a beast so will definitely take some getting used to but I'm hoping to be a pro photographer by the end of the year ;)

So thank you again for all the kind birthday wishes, it truly did make my day!