Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Fact Fashions Can Show Our Character

Are not aware of the actual fashion can show who we are. There is always a desire to appear to be different, if you are an artist or an admirer of the artist, might like to imitate the look of the artist, is specifically for a woman. She definitely has a character fashion, so do not get along or do not like a particular fashion. A book called You Are What You Wear, written by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, reveals that what women wear to give strong clues about the deepest hopes. What do we use it shows our true self.

You could see how someone dress, often wear clothing that reveal cleavage describe your thirst for power, was set up. Meanwhile, wearing excessive jewelry show yourself feeling insecure, or have financial difficulties.
Your clothing reveals what is going on inside. Thoughts and feelings 'lying' just in the closet. You can just see it, "said Baumgartner.

He was 34 years old clinical psychologist who is also a fashion consultant describes common mistakes made ​​in the dress of women. For example, buying designer clothes, office clothes, and shopping too much.
Well, the biggest problem, most women are stuck in a style rule. Baumgartner suggested that women are more daring mempadupadankan fashion, and "talk" through the choice of dress.

"All you need do is observe your spending habits, or record the types of clothes you have to recognize the pattern," Baumgartner said in his book.

After recognizing the pattern of your fashion, then you can make a change, and finding clothes that fit with your real personality. It is definitely better than a lot of wishes always with all sorts of clothing that is always changing, it is better in terms of psychological and financial