Saturday, April 21, 2012

The truth about soy

Probably, today there is no other such product concerning which eaters would adhere to so various opinions.
On the one hand a soya constantly advertize as a necessary element of a healthy delivery, and on the other hand the same soya constantly criticize as the gennomodifitsirovanny goods.
One people admire soya meat, soya cheese, soya milk, soya chocolate and consider itself in full grocery safety, others – demand from sellers to sell them forcemeat without a soya, sausage without a soya, cottage cheese without a soya and in general all without a soya.

Advantage1. set of vegetable proteins; replaceable amino acids of isoleucinum, phenialalanini, a glycocoll and an arginine (all very necessary and useful, usually received by us from meat);
3.poli the fat acids promoting conservation of youth and health;
4.phitoestrogenus (vegetative options of female sexual hormones). Their existence in an organism has as positive impact (reduce pressure, take out spastic strictures, normalize a metabolism), and negative (the risk of development of allergies, depressions, excess weight raises);
5.phitate – special chemicals which block entering in an organism of a large amount of vitamins and trace substances (for example, a calcium, a magnesium, Zincum and iron) so the ration with domination of a soya can lead to a hypovitaminosis;
6.fat which in reasonable doses improves, and in superfluous – breaks intestine work;
7.hemagglutinins, the substances causing pasting of erythrocytes of a blood.
Harm from a soya
• enough of a lysine, methionine and треонина, important "meat" amino acids necessary for an organism;
• B12 vitamin which with interest contains in meat and warns an anemia;
• a cholesterin that in principle is good, if we gather additionally a necessary cholesterin from other products.

The soya treats:

 • normalizes a metabolism;
• reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases;
• some components of a soya brake development of cancer cells;
• at an allergy to protein of milk allows to organize more or less high-grade delivery.