Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ten Rules of the office lunch

Ten Rules of the office lunch
Office lunch - it's not just a meal on duty.
Focus of a long day of office, the starting point for changing the attitudes and business lines, the way to solve the problem and forget about the unanswered questions.Good office lunch sometimes more important to business than a couple dozen doroguschih training or low-paid workers.What office to dinner was the most effective?

1.Dinner to be dinner. Snacks and sandwiches directly in the workplace for lunch do not count. If you sit on a diet, dinner should be all the more so because the main principle of dietary reads better than most, but less.Two. Lunch should be diverse. Daily bags with mashed potatoes and noodles overwhelm the body dyes, preservatives, shock dose of salt and sugar and do not bring any benefit.3.Dinner may be: brought with them (if the office is a microwave oven), purchased in the cafe (if access is inexpensive restaurant with a dining menu) or creative rethinking (many companies send their employees to eat in the dining rooms of nearby schools: cheap and angry).4.Ofis dinner should not be overly flavorful: of course categorically ruled out the garlic, fried onions, roast beef, strong spices.5.B-based office lunch should be vegetables (salads, dressed with vegetable oil), fruits (apples, bananas, kiwi, pears), lean meat or fish, and whole wheat bread, if you can not hard for garnish.6.For two hours before lunch and two hours after it necessarily snack nuts, apples, yogurt, curds.7.Coming in the office of a packet of dried fruit: it is an ideal complementary food for the body under stress.8.Always allow yourself to dessert: marshmallows, fruit jellies, and 50 grams of dark chocolate. These products are not only harmful for either gastric or for vessel or to the figures, they also contribute to the development of the hormone of happiness.9.No drink of coffee.10.Eat always at the same time. Adherence to a beneficial effect on overall productivity.

Try to eat well at least a week. You'll see: Your business will inevitably go up the hill.