Friday, April 27, 2012

Trends: S/S 2012 (Part 2) -> Extreme Smokey Eyes albeit Navy Blue, Nude Lips and Sporty Cheeks

Well well well if it isn't the weekend already! :) And well last night I went totally overboard with makeup. In a span of half an hour I did a total of 4 looks! Wow it was like the Godess of make-up had entered me and was making me whip out some super HOT looks one after another ;) LOL... Yup I know I have some serious humility issues :P

So anyways, its Saturday today and I am back with another set of trends that are well trending with S/S 2012 season :) So here goes...
Blue Smokey Eyes, Nude Lips and Bronzed Cheeks :)

1. Extreme Smokey Eyes (GUCCI)
    Surprising or not surprising, smokey eyes are super in :) Yup I am one happy girl this Summer ;) But there are a few pointers to be kept in mind... Like forget black and embrace Navy Blue this season for a "cool" smokey look. You needn't be neat, but that doesn't quite mean that you can go overboard with just any kind of strokes :P You need to cleverly understand how to make it look beautiful even when the blending is uneven ;)

2. Sporty Cheeks (DKNY + Tommy Hilfiger)
    Now this is one trend that has been gracing runways a lot! With sporty cheeks, I mean your cheeks should "glow" and looked flushed like you have just finished your workout! :) It should be natural and yet conspicuous! Confused? Go figure! :P
This season pink cheeks are out... You might want to go for Orange, bronzed or peachy blushes :)

    Runways this season have also seen a lot of nude makeup, which is not surprising seeing that it is the Summer season we are talking ;) And well since nude lips complement smokey eyes so well that the following look totally turned out to be a complete package :)

Yup! It goes beautifully with specs as well ;)