Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 Ways to Make Life More Enthusiastic

How to life is always excited. Surely everyone knows that good things will be more trigger sense of enthusiasm for acting. When the feeling of being sad, you are definitely more difficult to devote mental energy to whatever you do.
Many people assume that eating delicious food, or shopping, will cause enthusiasm. However, a new study shows that the activity is not the proper way to pump up enthusiasm and excitement.

Actually, by knowing the needs and abilities is a good way to boost enthusiasm. You'll be surprised how fast and easy it is to give encouragement to be happy at any time to myself, "says Gretchen Rubin, author of best-selling book The Happiness Project.

1. Enjoy the sunshine
Lack of sunlight is one of the reasons why people feel tired easily. Research shows that sunlight can stimulate a variety of chemical compounds in the brain to improve mood. To get more energy, frequently bask in the sun in the morning. This will make you more excited because they can inhale the fresh morning air, and more grateful to be able to enjoy today.

2. The streets in the morning
One study revealed that walking in the morning for 10 minutes can increase one's energy, and reduce tension so that the body be more relaxed.

3. Moving with energy
To produce more energy, try to perform a variety of dynamic movement. Rather than require the household assistant in the office for photocopying documents in the basement, you better own that go down to do it. Light activity will help prevent the body feel sluggish because sitting too long and ended with a sense of sleepiness.

4. Listen to your favorite songs
Music can stimulate hearing to affect mood and increase energy.

5. Chat with friends
By doing this, you not only can absorb the energy of interaction with friends. You can also capture their emotions, so that positive energy and enthusiasm can be contagious and raise your spirit back.

6. Clean desk
Messy desk that will reduce the desire to work, because you feel there is so much work to do. When bored and uninspired to work, trying to tidy up your desk at work. "When you feel unable to do their job with enthusiasm, I tidy up the desk. A moment later I felt happy," said Gretchen. Tidy desk will help you to create the impression that your work has been completed.

7. Cross off the list of work already done
We usually make some sort of "to-do-list" to do all day. Of preparing presentation materials for meetings at the office, to order mineral water in a gallon, make an appointment for a consultation with a doctor, to take the child to buy the materials for a school assignment. Without realizing it, a list of this kind of work can make you feel overwhelmed. Next time, try to give priority to the work to be done first. After completion of the work, striking out the job of your list. If there is other work to do coming home from work, job transfer is at the bottom of your list.

Of some simple things above, I have unconsciously done. Like listening to music, chatting with friends, and mecoret list of tasks or jobs. Every time a walk in the morning, come sense of fresh and cheerful. Very true I am more excited about these days.