Thursday, May 24, 2012

Child Had High IQ Vulnerable to Drugs Abuse

To prevent dangers of drug abuse needs to be applied from childhood to adolescence. The fact of children and young people vulnerable to drug abuse. All parents does not this happen to their children.
Every parent must have longed for bright children with high levels of intelligence. But do not like it. A recent study claims that a high IQ in childhood is concerned with the abuse of illegal drugs in the future, especially among women. So there is the assumption that the child had high IQ vulnerable to drugs abuse 

The findings are published in the Journal of Epidemiology Community Health online edition. Researchers studied 8000 volunteers involved in the British Cohort Study in 1970 - include the level of education, use of drugs as well as socioeconomic factors.
Researchers used, the scale validation in order to measure the IQ scores of participants at the age of 5 and 10 years. In addition the researchers also collected information about the volunteers' levels of drug use and associated psychological distress at age 16 years and 30 years. Drug use including cocaine, marijuana, LSD and heroin.

They found, 1 in 3 men (35.4 percent) and 1 in 6 women (15.9%) had used marijuana at age 30. Even in the last 12 months of data show women as much as 3.6 percent and 8.6 percent of men had used cocaine. When linked with the level of intelligence, researchers found that that men with high IQ level (at the age of 5 years), about 50% more likely to consume ecstasy, some drugs, and amphetamines than men with lower IQ scores. Whereas in women with high IQ scores, the results show, they were twice as likely to use cocaine and marijuana at a later date than those of low IQ scores.

Although most studies have seen that children with high IQs tend to apply a healthy lifestyle while growing up, but other studies have linked the high IQ in children of excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol dependence in adulthood, "explains the researcher.
Although not clearly known how the relationship between drug use and high IQ, the researchers emphasize that intelligent individuals are generally more open and interested in something new.

Intelligent children had a high IQ, may be considered somewhat differently in the environment of his friends. State of bored and restless, easily emerge when it feels itself in its environment. Maybe with good friends and often move will prevent children from feeling anxious. Time to play the sport they love and can help prevent drug abuse.