Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prevent Drug Doesn't Only "Say No to Drug"

More and more users and addicts drug problem is growing. Drugs are a big problem for the younger generation in particular. The various causes of a drug addict, which eventually will bring a terrible disaster.
Given the slogan such as Say No to Drugs is not effective enough for today's youth to avoid drug abuse.

Though the business of drug rehabilitation centers are still not enough to cope. Drug rehabilitation alone costs more expensive. This means that when even this has not been easy to cure drug addicts.

Important to prevent widespread drug abuse among the people is not enough just published slogan. But it must be spread due to drug abuse because it appears that there is a deterrent effect for the users and to other communities in order to avoid to not use it. Maybe need to explain much about the adverse effects of drug abuse, a very large end in death for addicts

There have been many horror evidence for drug addicts who died horribly, even a lot of news about the artist who died due to drugs. Drug rehabilitation was not an easy solution. Although the doctors who actually contributed to cure this deadly disease.

Approach to ethics and morals are hard to do given the current normative order is destroyed. So it should be more assertive and daring courage to describe the physical effects caused by drugs. Because drug use is absolutely nothing in it and only bring harm to themselves and the environment.
So, whoever he is, should begin consciously to avoid the drugs, not just a slogan, but the application and know the risks are very dangerous.