Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diabetes Can Threaten Children

Diabetes is a disease caused by excess blood sugar in the body and the imbalance of the  insulin hormone. Diabetes threatening to adults because of unhealthy eating patterns. Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease which the number of cases continues to increase worldwide. Diabetes is now no longer an enemy of adults, but also diabetes can threaten children.

Department Pediatrics of Medicine Faculty , University of Indonesia  estimates, the number of children with diabetes showed a tendency to continue rising in recent years. In 2011, then for example, at least 65 children with diabetes were recorded, up 400 percent from 2009. Of that amount, a total of 32 children suffering from type two diabetes.

any person who does not have a healthy lifestyle can be attacked by the disease diabetes. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle should be maintained with food and a healthy diet and regular exercise can be controlled so that sugar levels and avoid diabetes.

Some studies suggest that, in managing children with diabetes type 2 is generally more difficult than in adults. Most cases of diabetes in children is caused due to obesity. If the parents are not aware of this threat early on, it can tend to be less effective treatment.

Why not be effective? Because the provision of drugs in children with diabetes will usually be more difficult than adults because a child is more difficult to manage, let alone the gift must be made continuously in the long run. Need psychological approach. Due to different treatment in children and adults.

The results showed type 1 diabetes usually occurs more frequently in children, where there is a shortage of insulin in the body due to damage to the pancreas by an autoimmune process. Damage to the pancreas is generally only cause symptoms after the destruction of pancreatic cells reached 90 percent or more.

Common symptoms of children with type 1 diabetes is usually similar to the symptoms of diabetes in adults. Children became frequent urination, incontinence, hungry fast, easy thirst, and weight loss.

There are four pillars of the handling of Type 1 diabetes in children. Pillars, namely the injection of insulin, meal arrangements, monitoring blood sugar and education. Therefore, the treatment of type 1 diabetes in children requires a comprehensive approach from parents, medical experts and psychiatrists.

So before getting diabetes in children, there should be education for lifestyle and healthy eating. Instant foods often trigger blood sugar is not good, active move is a good action for the development and children's health