Saturday, May 12, 2012

Essential Nutrients Needed Age of 50

Nutritional food for old age should be emphasized quality. At the age of 50 to 60 this makes people prone to suffer from various health problems. Women in their 50s through menopause, and many others who suffer from osteoporosis or bone weakness. Even the men, an 50-year old prone to back problems and heart disease.
Here are the essential nutrients needed age of 50, as quoted in Boldsky.

1. Fiber, the digestion process would be slowed down so you need to eat a diet rich in fiber to support digestion thus keeping the system healthy. Consumption of foods such as green leafy vegetables, cereal grains, and cabbage, which can balance the digestive process.

2. Calcium, the calcium level in the body declines with age aging. Consumption of foods rich in calcium to maintain healthy bones. Consume a glass of milk, yogurt, cheese, fish oil, eggs, to fulfill needs of calcium and vitamin levels in the body to prevent Osteoporosis disorders.

3. Iron, men and women in his 50s at greater risk of suffering from blood diseases like anemia and platelet deficiency. Consumption of vegetables and fruits are a rich source of iron. Red meat, fish, and leafy green vegetables are good sources of iron and can increase the red blood cells. But iron is not good for people with kidney stones.

4. Folate, folate helps in producing new cells, a critical component for the metabolism of homocysteine ​​and helps in keeping the amino acid level.

5. At the age of 50 your body changes and nutritional needs. Increase your consumption of carbohydrate-rich cereals, brown rice, and potatoes.

We know that older age is susceptible to various diseases, caused by wrong lifestyle at a young age. Diligent in exercise and healthy diet on a regular basis starting from young to old, to live a healthy life savings in old age.