Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fruit Juice Help to Cure Acne

Nutritional prevention of acne is actually not easy to implement, why? because the pattern of life and hormone make the teen's body acne always comes up. If it is easily treated with regular care and nutrition. But using a wide range of chemicals to clear up acne is also not recommended.
Sure all people get upset with acne, want to have a face with no acne.
Would you like to drink fruit juice? nah a delicious fruit juice may help prevent acne and skin kesahatan good for the body. Here it is fruit juice help tocure acne.

1. Orange juice, orange juice can help cure acne. This juice can control excess oil secretion from oil glands that cause acne formation. Orange juice contains citric acid that eat dead skin, improve skin elasticity, and rejuvenate skin cells. Drink a glass of orange juice every day. Orange juice makes skin glow.

2. Apple juice, when mixed with honey or milk, apple juice is a nutritious juice helps to cure acne and makes skin clean and glowing. Apple juice has vitamins, protein, and minerals to control clogged pores.

3. Carrot juice, carrots are rich in vitamins and protein that is needed for the treatment of acne. Carrots contain beta-carotene and carotenoids that help to cleanse your face and make the skin glow. So, drink a glass of carrot juice every day. Carrot juice also helps detoxify the toxins from the body which is the main reason for the appearance of acne.

4. Cherry juice, cherry juice can cure acne scars. Alkalinity of cherry juice can remove acid wastes from the blood in the form of acne on the skin. This juice also contains minerals that cleanse the skin.

Nutrition of fruit would have many benefits of fiber and vitamins are good for body and skin. Be aware that the way to cure acne is not easy just as magic, lost in an instant. Fruit juice helps skin health from within, and on the outside you need to keep the face clean and avoid the wrong chemicals. If you want to cure acne.