Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How dangerous deodorants?

Life is getting worse, comrades.The enemy lurks even in your mobile phone, laptop or purse - it got to you under your arm.Yes, this cute little white spot, harmless peeping from the dunes and the dunes of your dressing table - the real enemy. At least so say the advocates of naturalism.After all, antiperspirant - what's that?It is a chemically active substance, which clogs the pores of the body and does not stand a sweat.

Accordingly, the sweat stays inside, and with it - all the toxins and harmful substances that the body was going to bring through the sweat glands. Hence - acne, abscesses, swellings and autoimmune responses, because the dissolve and disappear like smoke, sweat, locked in your body is not able to.
Deodorant - a piece less dangerous It does not clog pores, and then connects to stand out, killing micro-organisms - for odor they give.
However, in deodorants are parabenzoaty - special preservatives are used in the chemical industry, as well as aluminum components - a very toxic metal.
Aluminium and parabenzoaty provoke serious diseases, including - breast cancer. So do not sweat the bacteria alone are suffering from deodorant ...
There are so-called "natural" deodorants, which are positioned as a "natural minerals" or even "the stones of the holy mountain," but in fact each of them is the brainchild of native chemical industry - with all the ensuing consequences.

What to do? - You ask This question is for fighters for a healthy life, too, is the answer.
Can be taken in equal parts of starch and baking soda, mix and apply on wet body massage sponge. For a while you will not smell like sweat, and starch and baking soda.
Those who do not agree - may continue to warm under the arm's worst enemy.
The more that the manufacturers of deodorants and antiperspirants assure that everything will be fine.
Well they did not believe?