Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Iron deficiency anemia

Spring came, and again, this drowsiness, pallor, apathy ...The reasons can be many for such a state, but one of them - iron deficiency.So that when the above symptoms better hurry up to the professionals who will help determine what treatment you should do.Map your "fairy tales" will look like this:

Laboratory First of all, the therapist will refer you to a normal blood test and if the results will not match the rate to be decreased hemoglobin, will have to take more and biochemistry.
Biochemical analysis will help clarify the diagnosis and to choose the right treatment.

It is important to determine the level of blood serum iron and ferritin - the main indicator of body iron stores. The rate of ferritin in the blood of adult males - 20-250 mg / l. For women - 10-120 mg / l. GynecologistFor women, the most frequent cause is hemorrhage zhelezodefetsita. It can occur with heavy menstruation, uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids. Anemia is a woman for the future mother is very dangerous, so the diagnosis of "anemia" should be examined by a gynecologist and do a pelvic ultrasound.
Gastroenterologist, and nephrologistWhen searching for the causes of disease should eliminate the possibility of gastritis, stomach ulcers, glomerulonephritis, and the necessary research to add ultrasound of the abdomen, kidney, and gastroscopy.
Hematologist If you have successfully passed all previous studies, and the cause was never found, then you will most likely be referred to a specialist in blood. On receiving the results of all analyzes of capture and detention of other doctors - to discard the inappropriate release and develop a plan for further diagnosis and treatment.The problem of iron deficiency also can cause bleeding gums and poor diet, leading to protein depletion. It takes only four months, that these seemingly small things greatly influenced the composition of the blood.
The reason may be hidden as well in an unhealthy way of life that it's time to change!
Restore the deficit! It is best to solve the problem zhelezodefetsita suitable tablets, as they have the necessary dosage and rapidly absorbed by the body. In addition, the tablets have in their composition ascorbic acid, which contributes to the efficient absorption of iron. You will select the optimal drug doctor.
Try not to eat at the same time, along with iron supplementation of calcium, almagel and tetracycline antibiotics, as they slow their assimilation. If you must use these medications should be applied at different times.
With regard to diet when filling zhelezodefetsita, this time in treatment is necessary, but does not solve the problem, but is a complement to drug therapy.

The diet should be carefully considered. For red meat, for example, add the greens, spinach, tomatoes, raisins. And you can eat meat a day? Does it make up for the daily rate of iron? Think about it.
And keep in mind the fact that milk, coffee and black tea slow the absorption of iron, so it is not necessary to wash down their pills.
Symptoms of anemia did not contribute to the full and successful life, so do not delay her treatment, and at the first signs refer to specialists.
Take care of yourself and stay healthy!