Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Acne Not Worse

How to cure acne is getting worse in the face would have to be applied. Intends to reduce the acne on the face, actually worsen acne. So it is better to know what to do to cure acne treatment and not make mistakes so that the acne worse.
Although it is difficult to prevent the appearance of acne, but do not be even worse. Here's how to acne not worse

- Wash your face gently every day. Do not rub too hard or washing too often in one day.

 - Avoid excessive sweating if you believe it can cause acne to get worse. Wash your face immediately after the completion of the move to clean the face of sweat.

- Frequently wash your hair, especially owners of greasy hair. Take care not to cover facial hair.

- Avoid excessive use of hair products like gel, mousse, and pomade which contain lots of oil.

- As much as possible not to touch the face. If your hands dirty can trigger acne.

- Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and oils such as kerosene.

- Diligent cleaning of the face make-up before going to bed. Sleeping with make-up still attached will cause a blockage in the pores.

- Remove make-up that has expired. Clean all equipment make-up regularly with soapy water.

- Avoid wearing powder foundation that is too thick for the advances.

- Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing will cause heat and moisture trapped in it and make the skin irritated. As much as possible do not wear a backpack, hel, or sports equipment to prevent friction with the skin.

Well, with these tips may not worsen acne problem. If applied sustainable  acne may be cured naturally.
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