Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ready for Shopping Makeup Tutorial & FOTD

Hey girls! Good Morning!
I have become too lazy nowadays to post continuously on our blog; forgive me please :P Today, I wake up at 8.30 am [I didn't wake up myself, got a call from my aunt] She said that she wants to go for shopping with me today! I had a quick bath and made my makeup very quick. This makeup look is simple and can be done while going for shopping, friends house or some other nearby places. Enjoy the look and sorry for the bad clarity pics! I am lazy to charge my canon :P

Steps... Steps.. 
  • Cleanse and moisturize your face. You can put anything of your wish like foundation, concealer etc but I prefer just a compact if its nearby outing [As all you already know I am lazy]. So here, after cleansing my face, I moisturized my facial skin with Lakme Intense Whitening Day Creme and then topped it with Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink Shade [Yes! My all time favorite]

  • Blush? That's something I am not that expert in and also, as already said the 'lazy' thing keeps it at bay. Hence, I skipped the blush :D :D Sorry! If you like blushing, add some mild pinks or nudes.

  • For my lips, I used Faces Canada silk range lip gloss. That's well pigmented and hence I didn't need any lipstick. 

  •  I didn't prime my eyelids at all here [Let's make it quick and simple] I used a light pink eyeshadow near my inner corners and a moderate shimmery pink on center of the eyelids and outer corner. Blended both and that's it! I lined my eyes with a black eyeliner and applied kohl on waterline. Just for extra fun, I slightly applied Deborah Milano Metallic Eyeliner[Purple Shade] over my black liner :P Can you able to see it?

  • What else? Ah I left something! I altered my eyebrows with a pencil and wore my earrings. That's it :) The simple shopping makeup look is all done. [Oops I forgot to comb my hair properly, forgive me]

Now don't get scared :P Here's my before and after pics

Hope you enjoyed this simple 'Ready for Shopping' Makeup Look. Do drop your comments and love. I am waiting to hear :) [Please forgive me If I scared you with my pics] he he