Monday, May 28, 2012

REVIEW: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

I have always been using Maxfactor's False Lash Effect mascara and when I finished my second tube I decided on moving on and trying something from MAC. I have been enjoying a very good and a comfortable relationship with MAC so trying their mascara was something that came naturally to me :) So I went and tried out a couple of them... I tried the opulash and the Zoom fast and finally decided on the Zoom Fast and brought this baby home :)

The MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara comes in a rubber-ized no-fuss tube, which is a simple long pipe like tube with an equally long and thin brush. The mascara is very true to its name and coats each and every lash generously making it look more volumized, lengthened and BLACK in a Zooooooommm :D I am as of now loving this mascara.

One gripe that I have of this mascara is the fact that since the brush is really thin I always end up rubbing off some of the product on my lashlines as well but then again that could be attributed to my lack of "mastery" ;) Ahem!

Btw it stays on for like ever, is easy to come off with even water, does not flake on me and really delivers what it claims to be. Just that the price is a bit too steep for a daily wear mascara :(

Image of The Product:

Comparison Shots:
With MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
Bare Lashes

Mascara on the lower lashes as well :)
It costs INR 1000/-

Oooohhhaaa and Aaahssss!!
1. Delivers what it claims.
2. Super volumizing and lengthening...
3. Love the way it makes my lashes jet black! I haven't used a mascara that does that with just one swipe :)
4. I like the no-fuss long black tube :) It looks so elegant and not "kiddish".
5. It's a part of Back to MAC :D

1. The price is a bit steep for a daily wear mascara.
2. I find the brush too thin because of which I end up smearing product on the lashlines as well :P But then like I said before it could be because of my lack of skills as well ;)

I have a feeling I will :)

Would I Recommend?
If you have non-existent lashes like mine then I must suggest you to go for it especially if you have the budget for it :) They really lengthen and volumize your lashes like crazy! :P

Overall Rating: