Wednesday, May 2, 2012

REVIEW & NOTD: Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Color in Going Green

I have never ever done a review of a nail polish. Yup have posted a few NOTDs in the past but if you notice, never reviewed a nail polish... But then there is always a beginning right? ;)
I am not a nail paint person partially cause I do not have the patience to sit and wait for the paint to dry on my nails and partially because I somehow like my nails "au naturel" :P But this weekend I went with my bestie for shopping and while she was picking up a Lip Plumper and the Highlighter from Lakme Absolute, I got drawn towards this pretty green :)

I maybe one of the rare few in the Indian beauty blogosphere who is not head over heels over these nail colors. Do not get me wrong, I like them but they aren't really some uniquely awesome product. I still prefer Colorbar and Faces nail polishes over these...

Some Pros of this range are that it has some super gorgeous shades and that they do set in 40 seconds flat like claimed on the bottle... The packaging is very attractive and novel and the shades are really fun, flirty and gorgeous in this range :) Not only that I think this range is really very good when compared to the previous Lakme Nail Polishes...

Now coming to the cons, the packaging though pretty is very "cheap". The cap of the bottle is useless and of a very cheap plastic :( The shape of the cap doesn't help either... It makes it very difficult for me to "roll over" the side and apply the polish on the "other" side of the brush.. I hope you can get what I am trying to say ;) Secondly, the "one stroke brush" technology and "fast drying" technology is not new in the Indian market. Faces, Colorbar and Maybelline polishes all dry up within 30-40 seconds...

What ticks me off is that most of the cosmetic brands in India thought us to be "worth it" where good quality polishes were concerned but Lakme seemed to realise it last and has "finally" come out with fast drying range!

INR 199/- for 4 ml

Overall Rating

Was I too harsh?