Monday, May 21, 2012

That Cause Dental Cavities

Problem of cavities, often happen to everyone from toddlers to old age. Dental health is also berepengaruh on one's appearance. Of course you do not want yellow teeth, especially teeth to decay.
However, until now many people are forgetting the importance of hygiene and dental health. And, not only adults are somewhat lazy to maintain a healthy and clean teeth by brushing teeth diligently. This often causes dental cavities

Apparently, the fact that dental  is the most common faced by humans. According to data from the British Dental Journal, about 85 percent of Dental cavities are found on the back teeth, or molars.
Another threat is experienced when the dental hygiene is not maintained the risk of caries (tooth infection that causes damage to the tooth structure). A survey of Adult Dental Health Survey in the UK revealed that the back teeth also have two times more likely develop caries.

That cause cavities
"In general, there are many causes of Dental cavities. However, the most potentially cause there are three things," said George. Wrong if you think the main cause is sweets and soft drinks. The main cause of tooth decay was on human behavior.

1. Brushing the wrong way
Although brushing actually fairly easy to do, many people are doing it wrong. According to research, the best toothbrush ranging from one to two minutes. Try to brush by twisting while looking at the mirror, so that there is no food residue left on the sidelines of the teeth. In addition, after consuming energy drinks, soft drinks, or other acidic drinks, do not brush your teeth. This would make the acid is actually spread out evenly in all gears. Should rinse his mouth used to eliminate bacteria, and then brush your teeth.

2. Frequency of rare
Brush your teeth is usually performed routinely whenever bath. Brush your teeth at least twice the rate for daily brushing. Rarely brushing teeth more brittle and cause permanent damage. To obtain maximum results, the frequency of tooth brushing more frequently to minimize the growth of bacteria on the teeth, and better dental hygiene. Make it a habit to brush your teeth after meals and before bed.

3. The tools used
Molars most frequently encountered problems hollow because it lies behind making it difficult to reach by a toothbrush. Mouth shape that tends to narrow at the back also complicate the cleaning, let alone the form of the toothbrush head still tend to be large.
Also a lot of back teeth have grooves and cracks, making it difficult to clean toothbrush. But quite the slit and groove gear that makes a lot of leftover food stuck or wedged in there. When not cleaned thoroughly, the rest of the food will rot and create cavities. One of the considerations when choosing a toothbrush is a toothbrush head shape, whether it can reach the back teeth in accordance with the structure of the mouth.