Monday, May 21, 2012

What Coffee and Tea Trigger Yellow Teeth?

Is drinking a certain beverage, dangerous to the health of your teeth. This question is also true, the color is usually yellow teeth are caused not only of food but also drink.
Consumption of these drinks can cause changes in tooth color. The content of tannins in these drinks can change the color of the outer layer of tooth or enamel, as well as other colored drinks such as soft drinks, wine, or syrup. So, what coffee and tea trigger yellow teeth?

Actually, drinking coffee or tea is not too dangerous for healthy teeth and gums. However, when it could be reduced would be better. Even more risky is to ignore the oral health care, especially if lazy to brush my teeth.

Brushing your teeth properly is the only way to maintain the balance of flora in the mouth, thus preventing the emergence of plaque, tartar and cavities due to the former food, drinks and even bacteria are used up.
There is a good way that is dentist recommended for maintaining healthy teeth remain white teeth  color.

* Visit your dentist for a routine control with a frequency of twice a year.

* Cleaning the reefs and the stains on your teeth professionally at the dentist. Uneven surface of the teeth can be corrected by making a kind of  the protective layer surface of the teeth, especially the cavities in, making it easier to clean.

* The action polishing a rough patch or a rough surface of the teeth by a dentist can also make it easier to clean the tooth surface.

* Avoid drinks color when recently undergone treatment such as bleaching or tooth fillings ahead in the next 2-3 weeks, because drinks can change the color stability of color bleaching or tooth fillings ahead.