Saturday, May 12, 2012

What To Wear: To an IPL Match...

Yes I know you know that I went for the IPL match between Pune Warriors India and Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium :P Well to be honest I am not really an IPL fan, ok seriously I am not even a cricket fan. I know I know I am an Indian and cricket is suppossedly our "religion" but I am somehow more of a footbal fan... Sigghhhh it's my East Indian blood speaking again I guess :P

So anyways, even though I ain't much of a cricket fan I still went for the IPL match and well I must say the excitement at the stadium is sooo electrifying that you cannot help but be a part of it... Of course I have been to live matches before especially Indo-Pak ones and it's always the same excitement :) This time we got some really awesome seats, which was like the fourth row from the front, just behind the cheerleaders squad :D Hahahahaha, imagine the fun the "pati" and the guys had :P Ok, in all honesty the "phirangi" cheerleaders are really good looking :) Pretty and sweet :) and yup we girls got to have out eye candy as well... Virat Kohli is seriously HOT! A bit of a snob but I guess it goes with the image :P

Some pics I clicked for you guys :)

And here's the outfit I wore for the match... I went with a classic white with denim combo... A white top with pretty "hakoba" detailing in the front with pencil blue jeans and my at the moment favorite floral printed ballerinas :) And of course by Orange cross-bag from Accessorize :)

Makeup-wise: I went for a nudish look. I used MAC Honesty on my lids, Bronzer on my cheeks and Colorbar Star Metal Lipgloss in Astral :)

Hope you guys liked the look :)