Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enchanteur MoistureSilk Perfumed Hand & Body Lotion: Romantic and Charming

Even though the hot summer has come to an end, the heat is still there. In this heat, we always prefer LIGHT products to keep our hair and skin grease-free. Today, we are going to check two products of that type. Yes! These are light, non greasy scented hand and body lotions from Enchanteur. Scented products become even more comfortable in hot weather as they would balance the bad odour in skin caused due to sweat. These body lotions are purely scented; the variants are Charming and Romantic. Let us check a detailed review on these products now.

Product Description:
Indulge your senses with the alluring, lingering fragrance of ENCHANTEUR body lotion. Its non-greasy moisture silk formulation is specially enriched with Aloe Vera and Olive Butter to give your skin optimum moisuturization and nourishment.

Price and Quantity:
Romantic: Rs.80 for 100ml
Charming: Rs.69 for 100ml

Usage Directions:
Apply daily for delightful soft, supple and silky smooth skin.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Vera and Olive butter

Shelf Life: 24 months

Experience with this Product:
These hand and body lotions come in a simple looking off white coloured 'antique' like plastic bottles with a flip type cap. The flip cap is sturdy but I felt it would be more better if it is sturdier more; the tiny nozzle whole dispenses the right of body lotion without any hardness or overflow. Overall, the packaging is simple, easy to use and travel friendly.

Both the lotions are runny in consistency with a smooth, creamy texture. While compared to the Romantic variant, the Charming one is PURE white in colour where the romantic variant is a bit off white. Both the fragrances are floral and especially the charming is  a bit stronger than Romantic. For my senses, the Romantic variant showed a tint of wild jasmine flowers and the Charming is simply refreshing, though strong I could not find a specific floral fragrance in it. If you are mild scented body lotion lover, go for the Romantic variant and go for the Charming one if you suffer from sweat. 


About the working of these two lotions, more or less both do the same to the skin. They moisturize my body skin well and leaves a pleasant fragrance without making the skin sticky or greasy. The fragrance lingers for an hour or so and then disappears but skin doesn't feel any stretchy for 2-3 hours. If you have dry skin type, of course you need to reapply 3-4 times a day but for my normal skin types it does a good job with 2 times. I do apply it once in the morning after bath and once at the night after bath. With regular usage, it made my skin soft, supple and yes it also looks smooth. For the price, these lotions are a good buy for sure. 

  • Light and smooth consistency, perfect for usage in summers
  • Gets absorbed easily without leaving any greasy film behind
  • Moisturizes hands without being heavy on skin
  • The fragrances are pleasant and lingering
  • Refreshes the senses soon after application
  • Doesn't leave skin dry for 4-5 hours which is a good time
  • Softens skin with regular use
  • Mild on skin, doesn't cause any rashes or other side effects
  • Dirt cheap price
  • Simple, handy and travel friendly packaging

  • Not enough moisturizing for dry skin types
  • Might not do the moisturization part well on winters much
  • The charming variant has a bit stronger smell which might not be bearable for extra sensitive noses

Overall Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Go for it if you have normal to oily skin or if you are a lover of floral scented body lotions. 

Would I Repurchase?: Definitely yes! For next summers. I am also planning to use it on winters when I love to have a fresh floral fragrance all over my body.

Hope you liked the review about these Enchanteur lotions. Do share your views, feedback and love.

Disclaimer: Products sent by the brand for consideration; honest review as usual