Thursday, June 28, 2012

MIA Alert!!

Hello ladies... And Gentlemen :) This is an MIA alert to let everyone know that I am leaving for Hyderabad today with family... And when I say family I mean both sets of parents for my little kiddie sister's Passing Out Parade :) Yup! She is getting commissioned into the Indian Air Force as a lady pilot officer! Yippee!! :D So we'll be in Hyderabad for a couple of days and I really do wish I could meet some of you Hyderabad beauties but alas I have a feeling I will be very busy being the perfect "bahu", daughter and well sister ;) #FamilyTime...

But am gonna be in touch with you all through ISLM, FB and Twitter #ThankGodFor3G. Ha ha!

Also, am so sorry that I am not being regular with my posts or even comments... Just that I have been really busy with my in-laws visiting us :) I am actually having super fun getting the "bahu-bahu" feeling for the first time ;) *Touchwood*... My mom-in-law really makes life so much easier for me :)

But people do keep posting your comments and do keep telling me that you guys miss me and my posts ;) I like being flattered, well who doesn't? ;) Btw stay tuned for a few outfit posts all the way from Hyderabad :) Can you imagine I finished my packing in flat 1 hour! That's a first for me ;)