Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Experience with

Since the day I started my make-up ban, I have been getting my dose of retail therapy by shopping for apparels and lately home decor. While going through these home decor sites, I ended up at

Now of course everyone has heard about Jabong, even I had, but with all the mixed reviews (some negative and some downright glowing), I wasn't really keen on trying it out. But while browsing a particular lantern caught my fancy and I thought of giving the site a try :P (Yup I was feeling adventurous)! LOL :D Now since am blogging from office and I forgot to click pics of the lantern in question, you can check it out here. The lantern looked so vintage and so Victorian that a enthusiastic home decorator like me had to have it :P I have placed it next to my glassware cabinet and well it does look really pretty :)

Anyways, coming back to my experience with Jabong, let me tell you all, it was surprisingly good. I mean scouring through so many products wasn't really difficult for an avid shopper like me :P Plus I was floored by the customer service! It was superb! The delivery time they took was 2 days and the most astonishing part of the whole experience was that they have their own courier system and hence the deliver guy actually tells you to open the package in front of him and check the goods and if its damaged then we can return it to him without paying him the COD charges! How cool is that! he he he

Also, the moment I placed my order I got a call from the customer service asking me if I wanted to confirm the order and if I wanted I could cancel it as well. Once my order was deliver I was literally hounded (in a good way) by the customer service to give feedback... I kept evading them purposely for three days but they would doggedly call me everyday till I did not give them my feedback. I was impressed!

One downside that you may find was the absence of makeup products but for me and my makeup ban that turned out to be a boon :P

Categories of products available for online retail:

Ooohhss And Aaaahhhss!!
1. Great delivery system
2. Loads and loads of products to choose from.
3. Good customer service.
4. Delivery window of 2-3 days
5. Great packaging, which helps keep the products safe!

1. Non-availability of beauty products!

Would I Recommend:
I would say give it a shot for sure and you are sure to be delighted by the whole process unlike a few online portals that take more than a month to deliver products!

Overall Rating: