Friday, June 15, 2012

REVIEW: Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion

Of course you all remember how a while back many beauty blogs were buzzing with reviews of the newly launched Parachute Advansed Intensive Care and All Seasons body lotions... Well of course I had also received the samples, tried them and used them :) I am today proudly announcing to you all that I have finally finished the Intensive Care body lotion that was meant for Dry Skin :) I am in serious love with it :)

The day I finished it I received this Summer Fresh variant of the body lotion from the PR and well let me tell you that it has been more than week of me using it and well it is still going strong. I am being very honest when I tell you that since the day I had received my first sample from the Parachute Advansed people, the Garnier Body Cocoon that I used to swear by lays forgotten in one corner! I myself cannot believe it! :P

Well the Summer Fresh variant is a bit lighter than the intensive care version and more moisturising than the all seasons variant. It sits comfortable between the two earlier variants and seems perfect for summers.

Now let's see what the company claims and what I feel about these claims :P

Company says...
For refreshed soft skin with cool mint extracts and coconut milk.
With double sunscreen to give you protection against sun.

What I Feel...
It no doubt softens my skin and though I need to apply it "double" i.e. I apply it twice at one go, it totally keeps my skin moisturised for the whole day (in AC). I do not have to reapply it at the end of the day.
It does seem to have some "cool mint extracts" cause the moment you apply it, you feel a coolness emanate from your skin... Don't know if you guys remember the head and shoulders shampoo with menthol and how it made your head feel all cool cool... Well the sensation is very similar with this body lotion :) Of course you find it more "minty" on the face than the rest of the body... Some may find it alarming initially but I honestly love the sensation :) Perfect for Summers!

Now comes the funny part... They say that the body lotion comes with double sunscreen. My question is double as compared to what? And if it really comes with sunscreen then what is the SPF level? Now this is a con, not because it doesn't have SPF but because there is a false claim on the package :(

Fragrance wise I loved the earlier versions and I love this one too :) Marico sure has come out with some vintage-y fragrances where its body lotions are concerned cause they sure give me a feeling of Deja-Vu every time I smell them... In short I love the fragrance :)

Rs.125/- for 250ml.
Other smaller variants are available as well.

You bet! :) Though I prefer the Intensive Care variant more during Winters as it is more "oily" on the skin :P

Do I Recommend?
I am not really sure how Oily Skinned beauties would react to this but I am definitely recommending it to Dry and Normal skinned people :P