Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simple secrets. Shelf life of cosmetics

Unfortunately, all cosmetic products do not last forever.
And the smaller the jar, tube or bottle was laid preservatives and stabilizers, the smaller will be the shelf life of cosmetic products.
On average, today, their shelf life is 2 years, but may be less. If the shelf life of more - is to try something new!

It must be remembered, and that the expiration date of any cosmetic product starts ticking from the moment of its production, and since it opened - before that, in the package remains necessary for the storage medium.
Of course, this moment can be neglected and thus save money. But how will this affect the health of your skin? Nobody knows: maybe a pimple pops up, and maybe ... just it will not only unexpected, but pleasant.
Therefore, after the first time, turn the cap of a new package of cream or going to get mascara brush from the tube, write the number on the package, and a month of their discovery. This will help to easily keep track of the make-up, which is long overdue in the trash.
Mascara and eyeliner are only 3-4 months. Change them as often as possible, then the health of the eyes can not help worrying.
If you have used them during ocular inflammation, while good-bye to this make-up, without hesitation.
Of course, if you do not want to become a victim of his own carcass and successfully repeated inflammation, barley, and all that does not make you beautiful. With ink and connector needed to leave and if they are withered and lost their original quality.

Eye shadow, blush and powder will last up to 2 years. But if you notice an unusual luster, excessive mealiness, looseness - a measure of water loss and changes in initial quality, and certainly properties.

Therefore, this makeup is not the place in your purse and on the dresser, it's time to rest.

Lipsticks, glosses and lip balms do not hold more than a year, simply because they can be beautiful set of vectors of bacteria, which do not remain only on the lips, and fall into his mouth, and then move on.

Therefore, when applied to the lips, use of a spatula, removable brush, a stick to defend himself from sores. Do not forget as much as possible to wash them.

Be sure to change the entire makeup for lips in case of "cold", herpes or other inflammations.

Cosmetic pencils with regular sharpening can last up to 3 years. It should get rid of the pencil, if they become unnaturally dry or, conversely, is too soft.

Do not forget to regularly sharpen pencils - this is partly destroy the bacteria adhering to the pencil with your face.

Tightly cover the pencils after use.
Concealer and liquid foundation are living two years, but if the consistency of these funds has changed (changed color, odor, and is divided into layers) get rid of them.
If the packaging is done in such a way that most of the cream is constantly in contact with air, then it does not last for long and deteriorate prematurely. It is therefore preferable to use a tube with dispenser.
Moisturizers can be used no more than two years. If the vehicle has changed smell or texture, it is necessary to get rid of it, even if the expiry date has not yet passed.
It is best to use a moisturizer for face and body with the pump or use a spatula for application. Natural and organic moisturizing creams and lotions for longer retain their properties in the refrigerator.

Sunscreens usually have a precise expiration date, which is equal to year. But some of the active ingredients begin to deteriorate and disintegrate sooner.
This make-submit the scrap.
Perfumes for over 2 years is better not to use and store in a dark, cool, dry place.
Did you watch the expiration date of its beauty or it does not matter to you?