Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Became warmer

Season of picnics on a green grass, somewhere nearby to a reservoir, and walk in park all family — it what was waited so longly by small Bill. Only, instead of pleasure from the warming gentle sun, a tender breeze which blows in a face and at all doesn't frighten of the force, instead of happiness in the opinion of Bill parents saw tears, unusual reddenings for the child on arms and a breast, heard frightening tussis …

The allergy— this one of the most frequent diseases which creeps imperceptibly, pulls down all plans, at least, for the next week and thus doesn't want to leave forever an organism which already struck! What to do? To be on the alert and insured, being reserved by all necessary tabletochka and sprays after find out the main reason of the spoiled rest.

And not too it is not enough of them!

Pollen — the main reason of a seasonal allergy. So, if you or your relatives unexpectedly started to sneeze and "cry" without the reason, walking by a blossoming chestnut, after inhalation of aromas cornflowers — it is the reason to refuse smart bouquets in birthday, and in windy days to close more densely than a window and to use conditioners in flowering.

Insects — various bees, ants, wasps- also are in the list of allergens. Everything whom they bite, react equally: the struck place inflates, reddens and is scratched. Allergic persons react at first precisely also, but it only at first. Further — everything is more difficult: the edema is enlarged and keeps week and more, is accompanied by nausea, the fatigue increased by temperature.

In rare instances, such sting can lead to an anaphylaxis at which the condition will be the extremely serious: respiration is at a loss, there is an urticaria, the person and a throat, an oral cavity swells, arterial pressure sharply falls. So in the wood it is necessary to be afraid not only bears!

Dust ticks live in a house dust, cause a continuous sneezing and a rhinitis. To fight against them it is easy: regularly wipe a dust in the house, on a workplace, say goodbye to soft toys, carpets and serious curtains, and humidity of air adjust below 45 %. Now it will be easier to you to breathe!

The mold too got to number of wreckers — that is allergens.

Mold — a parasitizing fungus which breeds in places with high humidity: cellars, bathrooms, and also grass and rotten leaves. It not a seasonal allergy therefore a sneezing, the itch of eyes and a dacryagogue, a rhinitis and tussis can accompany you all the year round if nothing to undertake. Less often to face allergy symptoms, during warm time air rooms more often, keep in the house less plants as they accumulate moisture and promote fungus body height, eliminate the sites of walls damaged by water and try not to allow bathroom equipment courses.

Hair of animals and cockroaches cause a sneezing. Symptoms can not cease after contact to an "allergenic" animal about one month.

Treatment: to avoid contact to animals which cause an allergy, to accept antihistamine preparations, antiedematouses, nazalny steroids.

To prevent an allergy to hair of pets provided that such animal lives in your house, it is desirable not to start up it in a room in which you sleep, once a week an animal to wash and comb out wool and then everything will be healthy and happy.

And to avoid an occurring with hated cockroaches, store garbage in the closed containers, regularly it throw out, periodically use agents against cockroaches.

Food allergy can cause an eruption, a problem with respiration, vomiting, a diarrhea, and also oral cavity edemas if will eat an "allergenic" product, like milk, fish, molluscums, nuts, products from wheat or eggs. The best protection against such allergy — to clean similar products from the menu and always to have at itself antihistamine preparations.

Drugs not only help to recover, but also can become the allergy reason. There are people who simply don't transfer everything that has in structure, for example, Penicillinum and Aspirinum. Reaction to such preparations — an urticaria, an itch in eyes, an edema in oral cavities and throats. At such intolerance recommend antihistamine preparations if a situation serious, then it is necessary to address urgently on "ambulance".

Latex — it both gloves, and condoms. At an allergy it is necessary to exclude simply contact of a skin with this material that an itch in a nose and eyes, the boring, a rhinitis, a sneezing, tussis, a goose breathing and a dyspnea didn't disturb you in vain.

Having defined allergen, you can get rid rather of symptoms and prevent their emergence in the future. And the doctor will help with selection of the correct treatment of dам. Therefore, don't shelve inspection and treatment not to tighten illness.

Take care and good luck!