Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What To Wear, My Rant, Sushi, Anniversary Celebrations & The Cake!

Wow just take a look at the title and you would know what a busy day I have had yesterday :) But yup one of the most memorable as well... Of course by now everyone of you all who actually follow my blog know that yesterday was our first wedding anniversary and well the "non-mushy" couple that we are we wanted to celebrate it with things we like to do together rather than what we are supposed to do ;) I am sure most of you can relate to this :D

Pati and I met 6 years ago when we were both fresh out of our engineering colleges and had got campus placed into KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd... He a Delhi dude from Nagpur University and moi a half chink(i), half bong from Pune University... And well it was love at first sight :P Ok may not be love really but at least "intrigue" at first sight ;) I was fresh out of a painful break-up and he was well this single ready to mingle kinda guy...

Any guesses what was the pick-up line he used on me? Well I am standing in the lunch queue, waiting for hot chappatis with "bhindi" (ladies finger) on my plate and this guy comes up to me and exclaims "Ewwww how can you even eat bhindi?"... I look at him with surprise and remark "Who in the world doesn't like bhindi" and then we got talking... I came to know within a couple of days that "bhindi" is actually his favorite vegetable :P Ha ha ha... Talk about being original!

Well then we would very often bunk our training sessions (from office!) and go for movies and stuff... Neither he nor I have ever "proposed" to each other... We didn't talk about being in a relationship and we never spoke about getting married... People around us assumed that we were a couple and eventually parents and brothers and sisters assumed that we were gonna get married :P But there was this one time when we had this huge fight and we broke up... In order to get away from all of it I took a long leave and escaped to my hometown in Imphal... But he pursued me relentlessly and well we finally realised that we were in love  and wanted the whole "happily ever after" thing with each other :) Ha ha ha and well the rest as they say is history :P
Yup! He likes giving I am Dude expressions!

So this time we decided to do things that was important to us like go to a sports bar to watch a Euro2012 match like I told you all in my previous post... Our parents were like we thought you guys had gone dancing or for a romantic candlelight dinner ;) Hehehehe.. Well honestly? Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of seeing your team score a goal, with a lot of other people cheering as well especially when you are a couple of shots down! :D Then of course as midnight struck, both of us cut the cake...

The cake.. Oh the cake... I had it ordered from Parita of Parita's Kitchen. Those of you who don't know her, she is super talented, fabulously skilled baker who has her own blog about the little delights that she bakes... The best part about her cooking is that she puts that extra effort into whatever she is baking... Here is a peek at the cake she baked for us :)

The pati and I were astonished at the richness of the chocolate cake and the cute little edible treats that she had made for us scattered around the cake.. There were these chocolate lipsticks and high heeled shoes for me and choco footbal and apple logos for the pati... She actually took the pain to find out what the pati really likes and made this little treat for us :) And don't even get me started on the icing that she did for us :) It was a bunch a chocolate roses on the cake! Wow! And the cake was sooo moist! Yum!
Btw she takes orders and so hurry and check out her blog for other details :)

And finally for the main anniversary night dinner Pati and I decided to try out something new and zeroed on "SUSHI" :) We were both gonna try Japanese cuisine for the first time and we decided to go to the "O" Hotel, which houses Pune's only Japanese restaurant :) And well here are a couple fo pics of the "delicacies" that they offered us :) We had Edamame, Miso Soup, Salmon Sushi and Octopus Sushi... Though the tastes were very different but both of us quite surprisingly enjoyed it :)

And finally this is what I wore to dinner :) Of course I had major cleave show going on and well fon't you just love the dress :)

Dress: Promod
Platform Peeps: Aldo 

Eye Makeup: MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure
                         MAC Sushi Flower 
                         Inglot DS 72
Lips:  Colorbar Hot Hot Hot
           Colorbar Gloss in Astral
Blush: Colorbar Floral Fucsia