Saturday, July 21, 2012

20 Awesome Beauty DIY Recipes

Guest Post by Iswarya
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Hi MABH friends,
Now I am going to share with you 20 great tips and ideas about DIY recipes. These are completely home-made. I am incorporating these recipes in my beauty routine too. I thought it will be helpful to all of you as well. So friends, let’s get beautiful without feeling to beauty parlours for expensive treatments. Ditch those chemical products and say bye to all your skin problems.

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  •     Petroleum jelly and sugar mixture makes a wonderful lip scrub. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for flavour.    Olive oil and sugar mixture makes an amazing skin exfoliator

  •     Honey and aloe Vera mixture is good for sensitive skin. It soothes redness and swollen skin.

  •     Mix rose petals and coconut milk and add to a tub of water. It makes a relaxing bath recipe.

  •     A mixture of green tea ,cucumber juice and camphor is a natural skin toner.

  •     A pinch of Salt added to lemon juice and water is a nice hair spray.

  •     Mayonnaise mixed with baby oil is good for dry skin.

  •     Castor oil combined with salt acts as a natural nail strengthener

  •     Brown sugar mixed with olive oil is a quick and effective hand softener

  •     Peach fruit added to egg white makes a firming facial mask

  •     Mixture of carrot and papaya juice is a great remedy for sunburn

  •     Paste of marigold flowers is the treatment for acne and chapped skin. Marigold contains salicylic acid

  •     Ginger piece or juice intake is excellent for morning sickness

  •     Sunflower, ginger & lemon roots, mustard paste/powder, 1 green chili, black pepper - Combine all this and use as a remedy for cold feet. It improves blood circulation on feet in minutes.

  •     Honey mixed with cocoa ,vanilla essential oil,butter,wax and heated  in a pan and stored makes a natural lip balm

  •     Beetroot juice acts as natural blush and hair colour

  •     Guava paste/juice is a detoxifier as well as a natural astringent. It reduces wrinkles and aging. It contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, folic and nicotinic acid.

  •     Green tea bags are good for dark puffy eyes

  •     Mixture of lemon juice, cucumber juice and sandal wood oil acts as a natural bleach. It helps to lighten the complexion.

  •     Milk and rose water acts as a natural cleanser

  •    Vitamin E oil works as a great natural moisturizer for winter dry skin.

Hope you these really quick DIY recipes. Share your experiences and tips below!