Saturday, July 21, 2012

7 Tips to Save Money While Shopping

Guest Post by Vandana
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Shopping is our birth right and we should try to get  it anyhow. Ha ha ha..Yeah we must do shopping but we should try to save some hard earned money also because shopping be fun and not complete loss. Agree?
Okay so follow these tips and enjoy shopping.

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  • Before going to shopping make a list of all the things like clothes, footwear, accessories etc. This will help you in making a rough estimate of the money you need to carry with yourself.

  • Now whenever you go out for shopping, focus on the things you want to buy. Do not get attracted by other things which you don't need. Search for the shop from where you want to buy the things required by you.

  • First buy the things which you really need instead of other things you desire for.

  • Try to do shopping in the months of big sale, at the end of the season many good brands start sale and in this way you can save some bucks and buy other useful things.

  • Don't get distracted by the banner BUY ONE GET ONE FREE because sometimes you don't like the clothes in this section but you buy them because of the offer.

  • Always do try the clothes before purchasing them because it happens that we buy things in hurry and when we try them at home they does not get fit to us. We cannot even return or exchange those clothes so its better to go for shopping when you have enough time.
    Do check out many shops before buying clothes etc because sometimes we find the price difference from shop to shop.

  • After coming home do check all the bills correctly and write your total shopping amount in a notebook etc so that you have a clear idea of how much money you spent.

                  Hope you liked these tips. Do you have any specific shopping tip that you wanna share here?