Saturday, July 21, 2012

Choosing Products for Eye Makeup and Eye Care

Guest Post by Iswarya
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Eyes are the most sensitive organ in our body. They are very delicate. Eyes are mirrors of our personality. They are so expressive. Eyes show the early signs of aging. Wrinkles and puffiness may develop if we don’t take proper care of it. We must use quality eye care products. Many of you would have been blessed with stunning eyes; for others it is achievable. Little care and pampering can keep your eyes as beautiful as possible. We must ensure that we are not neglecting our eyes. The tissues surrounding the face is different from rest of the face. It is 5-6 times thinner. Soothe sore, tired eyes with these tips.

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  • While choosing eye care and eye make-up products make sure that they are nontoxic and safe for use on eyes. We must make healthy choices. When it comes to eyes we must never choose a product based on its marketing.

  • Mineral make up is best for summers. We must keep our eyes clean and avoid products that result in infections.

  • Try to keep your eyes clean.

  • Switch to hypo allergic products.

  • Before buying a product read the complete ingredients list carefully. Stay away from products with ingredients like parabens, talc, and color additives like kohl, silicates and polymers.

  • Eyes have a fragile nature. Don't rub them too hard.

  • Don’t buy any thick or strong creams for the eye. Only a mustard sized amount is enough for the eyes. Apply in dabs. Less is always more when it comes to eyes.

  • Many of us will be using concealers, illuminators etc. for the eyes. Always remember to use an eye make-up remover before going to the bed at night. No traces of make-up should be left.

  • Try to give a light massage to the eyes. Take olive oil in ring finger of left and right hands and massage in semi-circular movements. Don't apply more pressure, be gentle.

  • Everyday morning and night wash your eyes with a splash of water. They will be healthier.

  • Use eye compresses. Simply take a piece of cotton pad and moisten it with the milk/rose water/tea water. Put it on your eyes and wait for 5-8 minutes. Apply a moisturizing eye cream of your choice. This will prevent inflammation of eyes.

  • Eat right, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from pollution.

  • Sleep well so the blood circulation under your eyes improves. Your eyes need rest.

  • Opt for a good vitamin E eye cream. Retinols can remove discolorations.

  • Choose an eye product according to your specific needs and those which are specially formulated for the eye.

  • Spend some time before the mirror concentrating on your eyes. Analyze yourselves what changes you need to bring to your eyes.

  • Refrigerate your eye cream and use it cold. It works the best this way.

  • Cucumbers can cool and refresh the eyes. Keep two round pieces of cucumber on your eyes for 15 min and relax. Those with dark eyes can use potato slices too.

  • Apply oil to your eyes brows and eye lashes so that it will get lubrication and grows well.  Shape your eyebrows.

  • Try to use natural products. Olive oil can also be used to remove make up.

                         Hope these tips are quick, simple and useful. Share your ideas and feedback below!