Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do This Little Things to Make Couple be Happy

In a marriage relationship, you should know how to make couple be happy. You should already know, remember the days when the first approach. Do you remember about the speech that you give a gift or a surprise, yes! all that has made love with you. But now, there are often conflicts that arise. Do this little things to make couple happy.

Sense of mystery that make you feel beautiful moments "in love". This was examined by a psychologist named Rom and Ori Brafman is then poured in their book titled Click: The Magic of Instant Connections.

1. Do kiss spontaneously. The study reveals the importance of a casual touch, how it makes us feel more secure and strengthen empathy. So, try to touch him occasionally spontaneously in a day, "said Brafman

2. Try to find similarities. Without realizing it, we look for similarities as a way to feel close to others, and the happy spouse is the couple who are constantly looking for ways to find their other similarities.
Added another, "Sharing a lot of similar things with a partner, in any case, starting from a common favorite comedy movie to favorite foods, making you feel are in the same side."

3. Being at the same point with the beloved, both in terms of physical and mental health, bringing together the views and enhance intimacy. Paying attention to what he says is important, but you can also show an understanding with him through his mimic gestures. Example, folding the legs when sitting with a similar style. Ln a way conscious, he akan understand that you there are with him and are naturally akan do the thing which same to you.