Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Green & Black Striped Nail Art Tutorial & NOTD

MABH 400 Followers Celebration Contest Entry Post 3 by Bhavna Pande
Aloha everyone….
I am a nail art fan.Though I don’t have long nails they tend to break a lot so I keep them small  but I have always been a fan of longggggg nails.
Here I am about to do a simple yet cool nail art design it is very easy and you can try various designs using just any tape. This design looks great on both long as well as short nails. Hope you like it.

Things you will need:
  • A green nail colour
  • A dark black nail colour
  • Tape & scissors 

Note: (You can alternatively use shades as your wish to get a different colour combination)

Step 1 :
Paint your nails with green color (you can you any color you like but my favorite color is green, so I have used that one here) Let it dry completely or the end result will be messy.

Step 2 :
Take tape and scissor and cut various sizes of the  tape and put it on your nails not covering the whole nail as we will repaint upon the tape to make a design. I have put a cross design on my nail by cutting the tape into two parts.

Step 3 :
Apply the second nail paint over your entire nail even on the tape..I have used black nail paint here .I somehow like the combination of green and black but you can try it with any other nail color .Just ensure the you use one light and one dark shade .

Step 4 :
After the nail polish has dried completely remove the tape .
TA DAH …see my design

Please do let me know whether you like this simple nail or not and also help me with growing long nails without breakage. Any tips???

Editors note: Thanks for this beautiful & simple nail art tutorial Bhavna. All the best for the giveaway! Girls, please do leave your feedback and love below. Have a great Thursday!

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