Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pheromone Perfume: Truth or myth?

In ancient times, many women tried to bewitch a loved one with the help of witchcraft. Over the years, much has changed, but today is truly a miracle love potion remedy - perfumes with pheromones. Once these spirits were first developed ingenious perfumers around They had a lot of myths and legends.

According to skeptics, pheromones - is nothing more than fiction, and so-called magical perfume is actually normal perfumes. We simply believe in what we want to believe. Others say it means love potion really can arouse passion in sighing facility.
The word "pheromone" of Greek origin and means "inciting, carrying a passion." In nature, they exist as biological substances secreted by the glands of animals. It was the smell of males and females choose a suitable partner from the whole flock - and for them is not important or the appearance of the elect, nor his material status. That scent of pheromones, feeding the signal to the brain, is a sexy agent.
The laws of the animal world it is applied to human life. Have you ever wondered why so different in appearance and social status of people can not live without each other? It pheromones make beautiful long-legged girls choose their husbands in the bald dwarf, and imposing millionaires - to marry a village poors.
But if the human body itself is able to provide these materials, why should we then perfumes with pheromones? The fact that our natural scent rammed deodorants, perfumes and other perfume means that we use every day. Interfere with the expression and our clothes. According to scientists, the costs of civilization every year lead to the fact that humans are less naturally produced sex hormones. And then come to the aid of spirits with pheromones that enhance this process several times.
These recommend the use of perfumes for couples whose relationship over the years of marriage were dim. But the most popular pheromones when we want to make your favorite male or female, to get his sexual attention.
What's interesting: sometimes our body odor instead of opposing passions distinguishes smells - fear, fatigue, stress state. Even the abrupt change in the weather or the medication may contribute to a "repellent unattractive." Physically, we do not feel it. However, this directly affects the appearance, and surrounding us prefer to bypass the party. In such cases, perfumes with pheromones are simply irreplaceable.
Just a few drops of this magic bullet to help improve your mood, invigorate the body and a powerful charge of sexual energy. We become more charming, liberated, and it's obvious to everyone around. Therefore, the present arsenal of military women can not do without perfume with pheromones.