Thursday, July 19, 2012

NeoVeda Acne Free Aura Review

Guest Post by Shruti Lakshman
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Hello :) Monsoons are here and the weather is amazing. A couple of months ago I had a sudden eruption of pimples :( Too much of heat. The acne face washes I came across all had Sles or Sls but Tea tree oil figured in most of them. That's when my gray cells started working. Why not get Tea tree oil and apply it directly? Careful guys. Tea tree oil, in very concentrated quantities, can numb skin. So to be on the safer side, I got this from healthkart. To be frank, the yellow packaging caught my eye :)

Product Description:

Ayurvedic belief holds that if selected correctly, essential oils have the ability to advance mystical ecstasy and heighten awarness.
Neoveda is the modern day adaptation of Ayurveda (Ancient Indian knowledge of life and well being) and is a natural way to rejuvenate and relax both body and mind.
Reduces acne, pimples and blackheads

Price & Quantity:
Rs.200 for 10 ml

Key Ingredients:
Essential oils: Lavender and Tea Tree
Carrier Oils: Almond and Grapeseed.

Experience with this Product:

Packaging:  A cute glass bottle with a white plastic cap. It has a nozzle which regulates the amount of oil. Sometimes its difficult to get the oil but all you have to do is tap it.

Colour,Consistency & Fragrance: the oil is transparent and smells like a bouquet of flowers. The most prominent would be the smell of lavender.

How it works: I had this phase where a lot of pimples started appearing on my face, mostly on my chin. My friend and I picked this up and split it. I started applying it just on the pimples every night before going to bed. The next morning I could see a visible reduction in the pimples.My friend had these weird little boils around her nose.But in a week they had reduced considerably :)


  •     Reduces pimples to some extent
  •     Gets absorbed in the skin
  •     Smells nice
  •     Only essential oils plus some carrier oils.
  •     No animal testing
  •     Nozzle controls the amount of oil
  •     Small and travel friendly
  •     Affordable

  •     Sensitive skinned people must do a patch test before use
  •     Check for allergies from essential oils
  •     No visible reduction in blackheads though
  •     Keep out of reach of children (not a con but a warning)

My Rating: 4/5

Totally! Tea Tree is oil the most commonly used ingredient in acne face washes and creams. But these have it in very small concentrations. What better way than to use it directly! Rest assured, this is mixed with carrier oils so you don't have to worry about it numbing you skin. Or maybe you could team up wid your soul sister and split it :)

Would I Repurchase: Yes. I am also planning on getting essential oils and making my own acne free aura :) What say?

                                     Try it. I am sure it would work :) Leave your comments and feedback below!