Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Clear Women Anti-Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Review

Guest Post by Prachi Awasthi
Weekend Fun Giveaway July Week 2 Giveaway Entry #3

Hello all. Now who hasn’t dealt with some amount of hair fall? We all have at some point or the other and because of that also have tried a gazillion products and home remedies and what not. Those who have dealt with hair fall will understand what I am talking about. 
        We women have to go through so much *sigh*. Anyway coming back on track I recently tried a new product New Clear Women Shampoo Anti-Dandruff/Anti Hair Fall. Now we all are familiar with the brand ‘Clear’. This shampoo is from their new diversified range for men and women and basically targets hair fall and dandruff as we all know Clear’s main arena is anti dandruff products. I won’t say extra ordinary or as the pack says 98% less hair fall.

Price & Quantity:
RS.220 for a 400 ml bottle.

Packaging: This product is packed in a off white coloured bottle with a comfortable flip type cap.

Usage Directions:
Use like any shampoo taking a dollop in your palm and rubbing it in wet hair forming foam.

  • It has been about 10 days that I have been using this product and I find it fine.
  • It smells great and has considerably reduced hair fall up to a good extent
  • The packaging can be handled easily and looks fine.

  • They makes claim it contains vitamins and mineral nutrients. Honestly, I haven’t felt it much. 
  • It just leaves the hair a bit dry therefore, conditioning becomes very very necessary. The product doesn’t come with its own conditioner therefore selecting a conditioner after use is another hassle.

Rating: All in all I give this product a 3.5 on a scale of 5 if measured

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