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Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry Review

Whatever time, money and effort we spend in makeup and skincare for making our self look beautiful, nothing like a nice relaxing luxury soap bath relaxes our skin and senses. Yes! We all need to pamper our skin and treat it with care for a glowing beautiful look. Eyeliners, lipsticks and mascaras can bring a dramatic look to your facial features but think about your body skin; how do you treat it SPECIALLY? Nothing huh? Maintaining smooth body skin is as essential as maintaining our facial skin with skincare products and instant beauty enhancing makeup cosmetics. Not just on Sundays, you can get that spa effect at home by spending right money on right products. Today, I am reviewing a sweet luxury soap from Nyassa with which I have fallen in love recently. Read the detailed review below!

Nyassa Fresh Raspberry Handmade Clear Soap

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

Product Description:

The essence of sweet summer raspberries, ripe and ready to fall off the vine.
Our clear base soaps are made from a Coconut oil and Palm oil base. And best of all, they are made the old fashioned way. Yes, they are handmade, cut and sold by weight. Choose from a variety of amazing fragrances. 

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

Price and Quantity:
Rs.200 for 100g

Usage Directions:

Lather the soap and then apply it on damp skin. Wash away gently to reveal a natural glow. 
For best results, a rub or two will give excellent lather & the soap will last much longer. Please keep the soap dry between use. For all skin types

Ingredients list:
Naturally Pampering Ingredients: Soap Base, Essential oil/Fragrance and Colour

Shelf life:
Best before 12 months from manufacture

My Experience with this Product:

This soap is packed in a clear, thin and transparent plastic cover without any outer carton. The cover is very thin and the soap is tightly wrapped inside it. The ingredient list and product description were printed on the back side of the soap. I have no problem with the packaging because I always admire the quality of the products more than the appearance but though if this soap comes with an outer carton, it would be too much better. 

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

Colour, Consistency and Fragrance
This soap has a fresh raspberry fragrance that takes me off the world. I could also feel some coconut oil smell (Not a big fan!) and crushed strawberry puree smell (Yummy..!!). The fragrance is so sweet, fruity and delightful. Oops! See, I am talking about the fragrance first strangely :p (Yes, that's is the first thing that attracted me a lot). Let us talk about the shape and consistency of the soap now. The soap is in strawberry red colour with a clear base. It has a rectangular shape that cannot be said perfect. The very slight irregular finish of the edges shows that it is hand-made (Yup, it makes the soap look natural too) and so this is my second point to love about this soap. The top of this clear handmade soap is light green in colour (Refer picture) and did that strike your mind too? Yes! I remember watermelons every time I see this soap. We can easily cut the soap with a sharp knife; it is not too hard or soft, but just a perfect clear soap.

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

How it works
I have always been a lover of clear soaps as they glide smoothly on to the skin and look cute as well. Don't you agree? Creamy or hard bar soaps turn soft and shapeless with everyday use but most of the clear and transparent soaps turns glossy and cute after water contact. They become smooth, glossy and look like some bar jelly which I always love. Most of them don't turn soft or unshaped easily as well. So, when I first opened the pack and started using this soap, I was feeling very excited as it is a clear one. As you see above, I did cut the soap into 2 halves to prevent melting ( I was not sure whether it would melt or not before cutting it); but surprisingly this soap doesn't melt as much as I expected. It just goes smooth on to the skin, lathers VERY well and removes all the impurities, sweat and odor from body skin. Most of the clear soaps leave a slippery feel on body skin but this one just did not do that! (Well, I am lazy to stand in shower for a long time you know) :P
         The lather gets washed off from the body skin within a minute and leaves skin squeaky clean but still then it doesn't leave skin dry or stretchy. I will not say that this soap has moisturizing properties but it helps to balance out the skin without stripping of any excess moisture. It leaves skin soft, supple and smooth; neither dry and nor moisturized as creamy soaps do. As I have normal to oily body skin (Especially in these irregular monsoons) this soap suits me perfectly. It leaves my skin soft and refreshed. The fresh raspberry fragrance filled my bathroom but failed to stay on my skin more than 30 minutes. Just chill, that's not a con for me at all because I just want my bathing time to be luxurious to enjoy the refreshment with a relaxing feel.
       Overall, I am just in love with this refreshing raspberry soap. It reminds me of water melons, delivers a fresh raspberry fragrance, removes impurities from my skin well, washes off quickly, leaves skin clean and soft and just fulfills all my wishes for a soap. I did not experience any irritation or breakouts on my skin with this soap usage, so this is perfect for sensitive skin beauties too. Oily, dry or normal, you can give this soap a try if you are a berry lover! This soaps lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on how we use it so no complaints about the price too. For a soap with this goodness, sweet fragrance and gentleness on skin, this price is decent.

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

Nyassa Handmade Clear Soap in Fresh Raspberry

  • Looks colourful and of course cute with a light green topping
  • Has a yummy & sweet raspberry fragrance
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Lathers very well; especially with a loofah pad
  • Cleanses out skin in a good manner by clearing out all the impurities
  • Washes out very easily with less water and without leaving any slippery film behind
  • Gives a nice fruit spa bath experience at home
  • Very gentle on skin; Can also be used by sensitive skin typed people
  • Doesn't dry out skin
  • Leaves skin soft, supple and smooth with every usage
  • Doesn't melt or turn soft to hold; it remains in good shape if stored dry
  • Lasts good for 3-4 weeks
  • Handmade & natural; What more you need than this?
  • The price is reasonable for the worth

  • The packaging could have been better (Yes! I wish for an outer carton)
  • Some might feel Rs.200 is expensive for a soap but that is not a con for the worth; I am just mentioning
  • Availability is a problem but you can easily shop it from their main site online

Rating: 4/5

I do recommend this clear handmade soap from Nyassa to all fruity smell and clear soap lovers! You are surely going to love this product. As promised, this product suits all skin types but dry skins would definitely need a heavy body lotion after using this. Overall, it is a great natural handmade product.

Would I Repurchase?: 
Yes sure, I just love it! I am eying out for the other variants from this range and yes I am picking this same flavor again too :D

Hope you liked my views on Nyassa Fresh Raspberry Clear Handmade Soap.
Have you tried it? Which is your favorite fruit flavored soap? Share your comments below!

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