Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Roundup1: Rants, Instagram et al

I am going to Mumbai yet again! :D And this time it's special cause it'll be like a reunion of sorts... Family side as well as my school friends' side :) Plus since the pati is out of town, I'll get to have a guilt-free trip without having to worry about what he had for dinner and if the maid came to do "bartan" and all that gharelu stuff ;) On the flip side my mom-in-law who really keeps worrying about me being alone here will get to have some rest mentally not having to worry about my safety! :D hehehe Isn't she sweet? :) Plus my mum in Mumbai is ecstatic cause this weekend not only her daughter (ahem! me) but also both her sisters are visiting from Kolkata and Nagpur.... So she is like on Cloud 9 or something :D And of course papa is just so relieved that I am coming to give him company cause else he would have been totally smothered by his "saalis" hahahahha :D

And most important of all, I get to visit MAC :) Cause Pune MAC is shut due to a fire in the mall :(

 This week went by in a daze... You would think with pati out of town I would get all the time in the world to do makeup for my blog and stuff but I have been so busy with the Handlooms Of India photoshoots that I am not even getting time to breathe :( Not that I am not enjoying it! I am loving it to the core... I am getting to know so much and prance around in the best handlooms I have ever laid eyes on that I am almost in a dreamworld. The HOI people have become really good friends and I am enjoying so much :) But since the weather is so unpredictable in Pune (rains, drizzles and sudden sunshine), we are unable to shoot outside :( Waiting for the next month when we will be able to have some outdoor shots as well :) Here is one from this week...

I don't know if I am allowed to tell you all but there is this another super exciting thing coming up :) We will very soon be shooting for North Eastern handlooms at HOI :D yay! You have no idea how beautiful Manipuri handlooms are! They are simple amazing and something you would have never seen anywhere else :) Gorgeous is the word! I am so proud of it you :) What say Awungshi and Bharati? ;)

Oh and there are so many products that are pending review. My sweet co-sister Kannu had very thoughtfully sent me some Kryolan eye shadow bases but I am just so not getting time to even try them :( Sighhhh... But next week pakka! :D

 Btw I have lost a huge amount of weight! Some people say it's because I am pining for the pati to come back soon but I say, it's cause of the healthy lifestyle I am getting to lead in his absence ;) Ha ha no no not that he forces me to be unhealthy (he'll kill me if he reads this) but somehow he has the "Punjabiyon di shaan wakhri" waala effect on me and yup the newly acquired Punjabi-ness starts rearing its head in me and I become super liberal with desi-ghee and makkhan on my aloo parathas :P You know what I mean ;) Oh how I love to share makkhan maarke aloo parathas with malai waali-dahi Sunday brunches with him :( Awwww I miss him! :'(
But on a happier note, here's the thin me! Yup this is last night's pic I took after coming back from a girl friends night out with my besties Prajakata and Manu :)

My skirt has gotten loose :(
 Oh coming back to pending posts, my co-sister Kannu had started her own design house called Patola... She designs some totally unique "kurtas" and well she has been sweet enough to design a couple of them for me :) Yeah yeah I will be flaunting them too especially since I am in this major "clothes-horse" mode all thanks to HOI.. LOL :)

Oh! I am planning to get my nose pierced for the 3rd time now... I had my nose pierced first in 2008, then since it was bit lower than it is supposed to be I got it pierced again in 2010 in the correct position but after my wedding I removed it and now the pierce is no longer "usable" and it has left an ugly mark :( So am gonna get my nose pierced again and restart wearing a nose ring :)

See the mark?

Ok I am signing off right now... Going to meet some more of my girl friends to Mc Donalds, who were like really close to me in my previous company :) Yeah since I have lost some weight I can gorge at Mc D's ;)