Monday, July 23, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Peach Body Butter (For All Skin Types)

I never ever buy body butters and body lotions that say "For All Skin Types"... Nope! I know I have super dry skin and so I always stick to "For Dry Skin" but I had to had to give in and buy this "All Skin Types" Peach body butter only because it smell heavenly. Now let me tell you this... I generally love all fragrances from Body Shop but this one was different. It was so fresh, so real, so fruit-like! Wow! It actually smells of real peaches. I really really wonder how TBS manages to garner these fragrances into their products...

Body Butter wise, I think it would be perfect for people with normal skin... I really could have done with some more butter-y consistency that would be more moisturising for us dry-skinned beauties... My friend with normal skin totally fell for it... Consistency as well as fragrance wise :) The best part about the fragrance is that the smell stays for almost 6 hours! I really dig that about this body butter :)

Image of the Product

Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Heavenly Peach-y fragrance.
2. Perfect for Normal skin.
3. Comes in the trademark TBS body butter container that I kinda like :)
4. It's not one of those expensive TBS products.
5. The fragrance stays on for almost 6 hours!

None that I can think of except that it doesn't suit Dry Skin :(

I don't remember the price exactly, but I think it costed me a INR 595/- :)

No :( As much as I love the fragrance, I still think I'll stick to "For Dry Skin" type products :)

Would I Recommend?
 If you have dry skin then I wouldn't recommend this particular body butter but I am sure that girls with normal skin will love it! So much so that this could even become your HG body butter. Though I have heard rumors about the Peach Body Butter being discontinued :(

Overall Rating
9/10 - Normal Skin
8.10 - Dry Skin