Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Wear: Flower Power To Office ;)

I am in a superb mood today... Why I dunno and well when I am in a good mood, I take a looobnnnngggg time to dress up for office ;) Plus I was in the mood for some Red and some flowers and so I took out this top of mine... Now before I go any further, lemme clarify that I am a simple makeup-ista who also loves to dress up and so there will be instances when I will repeating some part of my outfit sometimes... It could be my denims, my shoes so bear with me... I generally tend to repeat my clothes very often until I clear my wardrobe and the clothes lying at the back all forgotten come to the fore :P And this phenomenon takes place once every two months ;)

So anyways... Coming back to my today's outfit, I wore this and I am so loving my outfit today ;)

Jeans: Lee
Top: Mufti For Westside
Peep Toe Pumps: Catwalk

MAC Folie in the crease
MAC Honesty on the lid
Maybelline Gel Liner
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lippy in Over The Top

Lemme know how you guys like my look :)